Dumb Thumb

We are having a nice soft snow this morning with a huge storm heading our way.  It might be an ice event though.
 It snows in my kitchen.  I should have replaced these windows years ago.  See that stink bug gap?  There is actually snow on the radiator top.  It blows right through the gap.  Shhhh...I sort of like it.

 I would still like to get another few good storms before winter leaves!

 Hey, guess what I did this morning?  Short by one month from when I almost cut my thumb off last year, I cut almost the entire top of it off earlier today. Remember the Vietnamese Coffee thumb cutting disaster of last year?

The assassins.  Note to self...be very careful when cutting crusty bread.
It is one of those shallow cuts that you don't need to waste time going to the emergency room because you can treat it the same at home.  I used this quickly.  Hurt like hell!!!
Then I bandaged it and put a finger cot on it.  My husband is out buying me super glue right now.  That is how they treat it in the ER.  Superglue it and pray. Notice that I only have my thumb left on my hand.  I cut off all the other fingers!  NOT!  But I really better start being more protective of my digits.  Digit appreciation is called for.


Carl Belken said…
Bless your heart, am so sorry, what happened to your thumb. Labors of love, should not be so painful. Makes me hurt for you, just to see your bandaged thumb.

Did something similar long ago, and was most thankful for the splint. Did not realize how painful it was to just bump it even gently. The splint absorbed the blow, and made the accidental contact of thumb to hard surfaces, much more tolerable.

Best wishes for a quick healing

petoskystone said…
Heal soonest! We're also due for this storm. Hoping it's mostly rain, for us, though.
Patty Woodland said…
Do you not like your thumb? I tend to get my index finger whenever I am going to cut something. I don't know why.

I hope it heals quickly but I know how much that hurts.

I have Globals too. Love 'em. Fit my hand perfectly.
MandaBurms said…
I always laugh at how much you love the cold and snow. Over here it is sun. sun. sun and blue, blue sky - BLISS.
Hope your thumb heals with your superglue.
Love leanne
Dee said…
Oh that New Skin is awful! Good stuff but stings like crazy. Be careful!
Jan said…
OMG, Joyce...not again!!! You are such a good soul you don't deserve this!!!

Wishing you a fast healing and with little to no pain~~~

Robin Larkspur said…
Oh boy....you are your own worst enemy!! LOL!!
Anonymous said…
So they use super glue?! :-) Had no idea :-)

Well this is the season to cut oneself, the colder it is the less risk of infections. I do hope it heals quickly! I'm actually worried now days when cutting bread with hard crusts, I've cut myself too many time doing that myself :-)

Have a great day and I hope it isn't an ice storm!
kymber said…
just fyi on crazy glue - it WORKS like magic!!! i sliced right through the fleshy part between the thumb and first finger all the way to the bone and my neighbour used regular crazy glue to seal it up. i couldn't believe when i unwrapped the gauze the next day that it was so well-healed. i told my husband that story several years ago...two years ago he cut the ENTIRE top of his thumb off with a stanley knife...picked up the piece of thumb and glued it back on with crazy glue - it is perfectly healed and not even much of a scar. anyway, lastly i found myself being attacked by a big tom cat that was fighting my pregnant, tiny cat. he shredded my arm like there was no tomorrow. when i was brought to the emergency room there was so much blood they thought i had been stabbed. the doctor explained that suturing wouldn't work, so they were going to glue the shreds of skin back on my arm. i said "with what? crazy glue?" and he said yes...and then told me that crazy glue was originally invented for use in hospitals in third world countries. don't know if that's true...but hey - crazy glue really does work!

now time to stop cutting off your thumb. those men in the shelter are relying on you....and that is some seriously wonderful and angelic work that you are doing for them. kudos to you!
Cheryl said…
Oh my gorsh, I used New Skin once. That stuff must have been developed by the Nazis.
Should be called Neue Haut.
Does that thumb of yours have a death wish? It's worth considering.
P.S. Hope you heal up soon, of course.
whynotgrl67 said…
Super glue from an average store is NOT the same as what they use in the E.R. The difference is its not a sterile product. Its made in filthy factory conditions unlike say...bandages made in the baxter labs factory in ark. Get some oral anti-biotics . Better safe than sorry.
Karin said…
yes, my son split open his head when he was 2 falling on the cement - and they super-glued it shut because he was not calm enough for stitches. They would have had to sedate him! You definitely need to be more careful! Although, I have cut fingers more times than I have fingers over the years, so I am not one to talk!

I know.

I am supposed to say all kinds of lovely, sweet, gushy, oh-dear-me things.

But I'm not, Joyce!

I'm mad!

I'm mad at you!!!!

You need to slow down a bit! Hear me???? Slow down a bit!

Betcha' your usual go-fast-fast-fast mode, is to blame for both these attacks on your thumb.

Damn, damn, damn, damn, damn... -sigh- Stop it! Stop cutting yourself up! Stop it, stop it, stop it! Is someone saying; "Of course she doesn't want to cut herself up!" Oh yeah!!!! Then why the nearly-anniversary peel?????

Grrrrrrrrr........ Slow down. Do something. Do anything. But stop this.

And lots and lots of gentle hugs too.
And please listen to "whynotgrl67' above... I'd not think that ordinary super glue is what they use in the ER, either. Please.
-sigh- And lots and lots and lots of hugs.......

I am mad at you, FOR doing this to yourself.

But I can't be mad, at YOU.




Anonymous said…
Sorry to hear about your misfortune.
Nellie said…
Bless you! Hopefully you will have speedy healing!
Anonymous said…
You really do need to be careful! Hope it heals quickly.
Rue said…
You need to get a big orange clown nose or something to put on that thumb when you are using knives - sort of like a landing light or something. My father cuts himself almost every time he uses a knife - I'm surprised he has fingers left at all.

I'm glad you are getting the winter you wanted. I'll send our leftover snow your way!

Also - the words "stink bug gap" give me shivers. Eek!
Barb said…
Oh dear!! I do remember your thumb tragedy of last year!! BE CAREFUL!! Hope you get some of the snow. We are getting a storm tomorrow but here just rain and wind, maybe a foot or so of snow in the mts.
luckybunny said…
OHHH No! Not the thumb!! Good grief. Ouchie. I hope it heals well and quickly. Hugs!