How to Poach an Egg

I had a request for poached eggs for breakfast this morning.  In case you don't know an easy way to poach an egg, I thought I would show you how it can easily be done.

One of the keys to a perfectly poached egg is the temperature of the water.  It should just have bubbles forming along the bottom of the water.  Add a splash of white vinegar, less than 1 tsp. will do.

Break your eggs into individual ramekins then swirl the water in a circular motion.  Let the egg slip out of the ramekin into the center of the little whirlpool.

They initially look horrible.
Just use your spatula or spoon to shape them and pull them together.  A large egg will cook in about 4 minutes.
Scoop them out and lay them on paper towels to drain.

I served them over some grilled cheese bread with extra buttered toast finger for dipping.


Rue said…
And now my breakfast of an English muffin seems blah. I'm hitting the eggs.

Happy Sunday!
Poached Eggs...toast...and bacon! Whoop! Whoop!!

I've never poached eggs in water, but I will have to try this.

God job!
Anonymous said…
thats a great looking plate, my husband loves eggs, i hardly ever cook eggs now he is retired, he cooks his own and does a good job but contrary to ppoular belief I can and have cooked many eggs, I cooked eggs for a table of twelve people every summer, almost every morning when I worked on the lake, I actually cooked great poached eggs, one does get good at it whether you want to or not when you cook 40 or so poached eggs a week!I did it just like you do, I did four at a time and rewarming by a dip in hot water before serving,
Patty Woodland said…
That vinegar is key!

Mmmm, bacon
I poach a mean egg, if I do say so myself.
Robin Larkspur said…
Be still my heart, that looks fabulous.
Anonymous said…
I've never dpone poached eggs and I'm not even súre I've ever eaten any. Well I might have to be honest, sometimes when I've bought an egg sandwich and thought it been a fried egg on them I really canä't remember them looking fried to be honest :-)

Have a great day!
Sandy said…
Looks great! Too bad I'm late for breakfast, lol
Love poached eggs -your post makes me so hungry...
Barb said…
I really want to have breakfast at your house!!!!
Ellen in Oregon said…
Heaven on a plate. Poached is my absolute favorite way to eat eggs. I am always surprised that preparing them intimidates so many when they are faster & easier than scrambled eggs. Thanks for remminding me of something that would make a great fast meal any time of the day.
Like Ellen in Oregon, poached is also my absolute favorite way to eat eggs. Or...deviled. But for breakfast..poached most definitely!
I had never heard of adding vinegar but you bet I am going to do it. Again, thanks for another wonderful hint on how to do something the RIGHT way! :)
luckybunny said…
I love poached eggs - done properly. I've had a lot of bad ones, mostly when I've been eating out too. Thanks for this, it's very useful!