I Think The Groundhog Was Right

 Spring seems to be here.  I am not ready for it yet but there is no stopping it. Teddy is spending lots of time on the front porch because most of the ice and snow has melted.

 The birds were chirping loudly when we went out this morning.  Some of my perennials are already peaking out of the ground.

 The patches of snow will all disappear today since we will reach 50 degrees.

 The pool is the last to melt but you can see there is very little left on it.

 The mums are growing which makes me look forward to Fall!  Can I put out my Halloween decorations yet?

 The last of the ice on the planter.

Chives!  Almost time for Spring omelets.


Thanks for the reminder, I need fresh chives.

Spring is coming early in south Florida too.

Wishing you a great week.
Anonymous said…
I had a patch of chives in my south west flower bed that always came up through the snow, this photo made me think of that, nothing better than chives, I'm sorry your snow has left but I tell you if I could send some of ours I would, we are buried in the stuff!
jody said…
wow so weird.. so much snow in parts and spring in others... we have bunches of snow but... knowing spring will come helps! you and teddy enjoy your spring day!!
Anonymous said…
Oh how I wish I could say the same :-) But I can at least hope for an early spring, perhaps at the end of Mars :-)

Have a great day!
Robin Larkspur said…
Don't give up, there is bound to be plenty of winter left!!
Those darn mums should stay below ground for a while longer!
The groundhog knows alright. He's been at that gig for a long time.
Missy George said…
We were lucky.. The snow missed us..I don't think I'm ready to believe that Spring is here yet...This has been a very weird winter..lots of dustings!!!
We just got snowed in last night, couldn't even get out of the house today and you are talking about spring! Wish it would get to Provence pdq, too!
Guillaume said…
I don't trust groundhogs.

But... NOT over here!

Patty Woodland said…
Snow in our forecast for tonight so Spring still is a bit off here
Do you think Teddy misses the snow?
You made me smile about the mums and fall. Kary would of said the same thing!
LisaDay said…
Ah spring. Enjoy it for me.

NO! You cannot put out your Fall things if I can't! LOL At my age I shouldn't even begin to push time! I LOVE the Halloween calendar! I check it every time I stop by. My Mum's are peeking out too. Can you believe it's suppose to be 83, yes 83 degree's here this weekend. Disgusting!!
It's getting close to Spring and already I am dreading Winter disappearing.
Barb said…
Sure looks like spring is headed your way. We have been about the same all winter. I heard on the news that it is a rare winter when we don't have a snow storm. We had a wet snow in early Dec. but Seattle got nothing. I do enjoy a big storm if the power stays on!