Ice Is On The Way

 I couldn't find Teddy when I went out to check on her after I let her out this morning.

 Finally I found her way up on the back porch. I think she knows we have an ice storm on the way.

 We are supposed to get up to 1/2 inch of ice.

 Just when my little glacier is melting.

 Yet the Clematis is budding out.

Poor little melting baseball snowman is about to get glazed.  If you are in the line of this storm, stay safe!


Nasty! We rarely have ice storms here thankfully. Do stay away from thev roads.

Yes I think Teddy feels something not too nice is about to arrive, dogs are fantastic of feeling those things.

Have a great day despite the ice storm!
Laurie said…
oh oh, not good, i love the look of the landscape after an ice storm, everything glistening with a layer of ice but I have no where to go so for me its fine, I can take what Mother Nature throws out, not so for some who must drive in it, scary indeed, poor Teddy,
Ice storms are awful things -- stay safe and warm at home! Teddy, go indoors!
Dee said…
No ice here in Florida but we have had over 10 inches of rain since Friday!
The Happy Whisk said…
I enjoyed these pictures and laughed at the ice glacier, melting.
Teddy probably does know something is up.

We are having stormy weather, very windy, and rain north of us, then cool. I hope it is cool, we've been having summer.....

take care of you.....
Nellie said…
Ice is wretched! I hope it won't cause you any difficulties.
Barb said…
Oh dear, that is not too good. I would have enjoyed a little bit of snow this winter but I can do without the ice!Take care!
Moncha Eilis said…
Hi, I do hope the plants will get through without any dammage !!
Have a great day.
take care with the ice! I came from a mild Istanbul to a snowy England this weekend! still, lovely to see the signs of spring though, take good care, Ozlem
Hope all is well, and will stay well, during this ice storm.

Nothing worse, than an ice storm.

luckybunny said…
It's pretty yucky right now... wet snow and ice are just... yucky. That snowman picture cracks me up.