It Snowed

 Yesterday we woke up to this.  Then built a baseball snowman.

 It did not make Teddy happy.

 She still sat at the gate and did her "smoke signal" barking to all the other neighborhood dogs.

 The bat mobile should not be out in the snow!

Ever since I found this recipe, I am never without the dough in my fridge.

You can find the recipe here: 

 When you want a loaf, you just pull a chunk out and flatten it into a rectangle on the counter.  Then roll it into a log.

I start it out by placing it on parchment paper in a french bread pan.
Then I cover it with a damp towel and place it aside to proof.
When it has risen, I preheat the oven to 425 degrees and place the pan in it and spritz the oven with water.  After ten minutes, I open the oven and spritz it again.  After another 10 minutes I slide it out of the pan and parchment paper, spritz it again and let it finish baking for about 20 minutes.  This is wonder bread!  I have actually forgotten the loaf and let it bake for over an hour and it was still perfect.  Crunchy on the outside and dense and moist on the inside.  The dough lasts for two weeks or more in the fridge.


Nellie said…
Nothing like fresh-baked bread! So glad you had a chance to build a snow creature!
A snowman!!! Woooooo-Hooooooo!!!
Patty Woodland said…
Glad you got some snow!
Poor Teddy, another snow day.
MandaBurms said…
LOL Love the comment re Teddy's smoke signals... our dogs like to clear their throat every morning. SMILE
Love Leanne

Ps The boys in our home were asking me what sort of car you had
Anonymous said…
I like the snowman :-)

But as long as You don't drive the bat mobile if they salt the roads it's ok. The salt really kills cars and they love salting the roads here!

Have a great day!
I have tons of snow I'd be happy to ship it to you! LOL! Like Teddy I'm not happy either!!

Your French bread looks amazing. I'm going to give it a try! Have a wonderful weekend!
Anonymous said…
I like that bat mobile!