More Snow and a Chow Chow on the Hunt

 Yay!  More snow and still more on the way.  And I have icicles!

 I sure am hoping the groundhog was wrong.

 This is a nice amount of snow.  It's not breaking branches and it isn't too heavy to shovel.

 And the snow melt has been working which makes Teddy very happy. A warm belly in the cold air.

 She will lay here all day.

 Even if the snow melt doesn't melt the snow on her.

But then once in a while she sniffs a bad kitty.

You can see the paw prints along the side of the pool.  They come in the yard to get drinks.

Teddy looks over the wall for them.

And sticks her nose in their tracks.

And to where the tracks lead.

Don't go on that pool cover Teddy!

The bad kitties are not under the water.

She decides to look elsewhere.

What do you mean it is time to come inside?

I can't hear you!!!

Mama, why is my nose so cold?


Patty Woodland said…
She is so cute.
Glad you got some more snow. We are having days in the 50ies. It's just absurd.
You know, if you didn't persist in serving cocktails poolside, those bad kitties would just stay at home. You're too generous!
Anonymous said…
That bad kitty best stay away while Teddy is patroling Your property :-)

Snowing here too right now, small icy hard flakes that covers the ground pretty well. It will continue all night and a big part of tomorrow. I wish I could send it to You :-) :-) :-)

Have a great day!
Nellie said…
Glad you have some more snow! We have 54 degrees here today!
jody said…
its nice to get some fresh snow.. so clean and white, i was out shoveling for a bit today as we got alot yesterday too. my little emma is like teddy she loves to be out and has to check all the bunny and squirrel tracks and has to keep all the birds in line too. hopefully it wont be to long and we will be seeing green tho! enjoy your day!!
Joy said…
Sooo cute! You can have the snow! ;-) It's been in the 60s here lately during the day, and I'm loving it!
Robin Larkspur said…
So happy you have your snow and icicles! We have lots of snow and icicles too, and it is friggin' damn cold. I hope you are satisfied!! LOL!!
I hope those bad kitties never run into Teddy, that would be a bad thing.
Guillaume said…
The first picture, I don't know why, it reminds me of our Dungeons & Dragons game: when our characters visit a ruined castle or fortress during winter.
SNOW!!!!! Hooray for you!!!

Oh, so "bad kitties" really do come into your yard, sometimes?!? When you have said about Teddy patrolling for "bad kitties," I thought she was just thinking, they came in.

Oh ho! She knows they come in!!!!

Whooo-Hooooo! Watch out "bad kitties"!!!
Barb said…
Lovely snow and a very cute Teddy!
Wow, we have bare ground! Big one is on the way . . .
Rue said…
My bad kitties don't seem to enjoy the snow at all. Go figure. At least they give Teddy something to do this time of year. I'm glad you are enjoying the snow. I'll send you mine too!
I just LOVE the posts with Teddy!
A "snow melt!" Who woulda thought!! :)