Prepping Vegetable Barley Soup

 This is what I have been doing for hours this morning.  Dicing, dicing and more dicing.  I am making the shelter a huge pot of vegetable barley soup tomorrow.

 Yesterday I made the stock with all of the peels and trimmings from all of the veggies.

 After simmering for hours, I had about 20 quarts of rich vegetable stock.

 I am using celery, carrots, fennel, parsnips, turnips and onions.  I like to have all the vegetables cut the same size cubes.

Before beginning the soup, I am browning all of the diced veggies until nice and caramelized. I won't actually make the soup until tomorrow so I will show the rest then.  It takes a long time to make this much soup!


You need a sous-chef to help with all that chopping!
Anonymous said…
I would go mad if I had to chop all that in tye same size bits :-) :-) :-)

Have a great day!
Anonymous said…
I love vegetable barley soup. I think you've just given me an idea for my lunch today!
Joyce, it sounds delicious! They will love it! I love your Pyrex bowls too!
Guillaume said…
Barley soup fed me through my teenage. It was one of those things anyway. I feel nostalgic reading this post.
Nellie said…
Such a healthy soup! I know it will be delicious!
Dog Trot Farm said…
Joyce, I am so impressed by your generous nature and dedication. This old world needs more people as giving and committed as you are. The quanity of your food is far surpassed by it's healthy, hardy, quality. I take my hat off to you!
Anonymous said…
chop chop, wow, thats a whole lot of chopping, I finally found the big pyrex bowl I broke, that was a happy day, we hardly ever see them like you do at your thrift stores, I see yours are put to good use today!
luckybunny said…
I'm tired just seeing all that chopping! Whoa!!! I know it does take a long time to make that much soup and a lot of work!
Barb said…
You are a chopping wonder!!!
This looks really good for a cold day. Hopefully everyone enjoys it. Keep well Diane
You are a saint!


Wrong term...


You are a marvelous and generous Kitchen Witch.

There, that's better! :-)
John'aLee said…
I agree you need a sous chef!! Hopefully you had a sharp knife. And knowing you I'm sure you did.
I've never made vegetable stock only chicken stock from scratch, but that looks pretty good. Does it really have a lot of taste?