The Storm Missed Us

This is what I saw when I looked outside this morning.

All we got was a dusting.

Teddy was happy.

My potting table looks like it is ready for spring.

As are my raised planters.

Soon it will be time for the planters to be unwrapped.

I think Teddy is ready for some of this.

And for no snow on her driveway.

This is a distant memory from last year.

I would not mind the arrival of Spring as long as we don't immediately get hot and dry.

And I really miss my fresh herbs. I hate paying for them this time of year.

And fresh tomatoes will be very welcome too.

I finally cleaned up my homegrown leeks.

And I prepped all of those veggies from yesterday.

And I am turning all of the discards into vegetable stock today.


Sorry you didn't get much snow. But compared to those, nearer the coast, who got toooooo much, it's good.

We were very lucky. Nothing like the snow totals, east of us. And power stayed on.

Making vegetable stock! You are amazing! Nothing is too much bother, for you! Amazing!!!

Anonymous said…
I wish we had just a dusting here, it's 8 inches thick now. But I guess that's nothing compared to what some places gotten in the US now so I really shouldn't complain :-)

I try not to long for spring yet, it won't come until April anyway :-)

Have a great day!
Robin Larkspur said…
Glad you didn't have to worry about your trees. We have gotten about 10inches, but it's just a regular snowfall, not from the blizzard.
So, now the inquiring mind wants to know what you will create from the vegetable stock.
Patty Woodland said…
I should can vegetable stock...hmmm. Project for next summer. I can corn stock for ham soup and it's lovely.
We got slammed! I'm with Teddy, she has the right idea!
HOpe you weren't too disappointed with the little snow. Everything looks pretty with the dusting of snow.

The veggies look good enough to eat. Hah.
HOpe you weren't too disappointed with the little snow. Everything looks pretty with the dusting of snow.

The veggies look good enough to eat. Hah.
Barb said…
You garden with plants looks so fresh and pretty. They have been talking about the huge Northwest Flower and Garden show on the radio this am. Puts you in the mood!
Guillaume said…
I love all the pics.
Cooking has got to be something you just love doing. From some of the photo's I can see how beautifully equiped your kitchen is. Soooo great!
Dog Trot Farm said…
A pot of soup would be perfect for a day like today. The snow has finally stopped falling, beans are baking in the oven, cornbread is cooling. I believe the final snow tally is 34 inches here in my neck of the woods, my hens are not happy! Greetings to you from snowy Maine, Julie.
jody said…
we have more than enough snow here in minnesota and the fur babes and i are waiting by the door like teddy for spring.. you are wonderful for all your cooking for others. i enjoy all your posts! im making a jambalya soup again for some reason its cozy for me.. and with all this snow i need cozy! enjoy your evening!
Sandy said…
Beautiful pictures of your place. I love the pictures of Teddy, I'm a dog person.

We're expecting snow here this week, I can have it shipped to you if you would like :-)


Have a wonderful day.
Amanda said…
Hi Jaz! wondering how long it takes you to get everything in all your planters? I only have 11 and it takes me at least an hour and a half!! Yours are always gorgeous looking by the way!! Cheers :)
Just enough snow to make things lovely and irritate Teddy! Does..Teddy know she belongs to all of our here in blogland? :)
Lucky you, here all is still super full of snow :( I love the fact that you have a faucet on the wall. We just bought one in a flea market yesterday for our future kitchen ... and well future like very very in the future! :)
luckybunny said…
I can't believe the storm missed you guys! Just a nice little bit :)