The Weatherman Got it Wrong

 When I went to bed last night the weatherman said we might get a dusting of snow.

 He was wrong again!

 This is what Teddy did for most of the morning.  Notice the cutie patootie foot sticking out the back.  She is always ready for a quick getaway.

 I will enjoy this while it lasts.

 One of my friends called me the other day and told me that the food bank she volunteers at had some extra vegetables and would like to donate them to me to use for the shelter.  She said they had cabbage and potatoes.  I don't know that I could ever have enough potatoes so I said sure and I sent my husband to pick them up.  The potatoes ended up being yams....about 40 pounds of yams.  They also gave me about 60 pounds of cabbage and 25 pounds of beets.  Not what I really wanted but still, I could use all of it.  BTW...within 1/2 hour of bringing this first box into my kitchen, a stink bug crawled out.  This is exactly the way these horrible creatures are spreading from place to place.

 So, what to do with some of this gift?  Soup of course! I made a cabbage, sweet potato and sausage soup.

 It was actually very good.  I used chicken stock as the base.  It was flavored at the end with brown sugar and vinegar which made it tangy and delicious.  Now what to do with all the rest of those veggies!

For those of you who asked where I got my cucumber salad jar from yesterday?  At a thrift store!  3.00!


Debby said…
Nice to have all that donated except the stink bug.
Do other places donate money or food to you. It has to be a great expense to you.
I bought groceries for a friend in need this week. I just bought one of everything I bought for her.
You do so much for the shelter. Bless you.
Laurie said…
I am so glad people are helping you with the gifts of vegs, thats wonderful! Quite a challenge to cook up this lot but I have failth in you!!lol.
Whe I first looked at the photo of Teddy ( I hate to admit this) I couldn't tell which end was which until you said the foot sticking out, I know I'm half blind but boy boy thats a whole lot fluff right there!
Your soup sounds good, I will have to try this combo!
Great that they donated these veggies to You! You sound surprised about the soup being good though :-) I failed totally today when I made my dinner :-)

Congrats to tghe snow :-)We got some today too but it melted away in the same speed it fell. Still have plenty of it left though.

Have a great day!
Patty Woodland said…
Pickled beets?
My hubby loves 'em

I think beets taste like dirt
How nice that they though about giving those veggies to you - they know a jewel when they have one! I'm sure they are so appreciative of all your delicious cooking!

Don't you wish you could have a weatherman's job, I mean who else make the kind of money they do and it doesn't matter if they're wrong! LOL!!!

BTW, that is a cute puppy foot!
Robin Larkspur said…
Definitely pickled beets, yum yum!
Hurray for more snow. I think February is going to continue to be very snowy.
Love that Teddy foot.
Nellie said…
I"m sure your soup is a hit with the shelter! Wonderful donation from the food bank!
As time goes by, I think there will be many more, who donate food for your mission.

Please, if you can, let us know how the sweet potatoes worked out. I may try it.

Pickled beat. Love 'um.

Miss Teddy is too cute.

Happy Sunday.
Barb said…
So glad you got a nice snow. I have 2 daffodils blooming. We might get snow Wed. night. Our weather is hard to predict because of the water and the mountain shadowing.We can have snow and my daughter 20 minutes away no snow. She is closer to the Sound.
Guillaume said…
Last blast of winter?
Beth said…
Hello. I've been lurking on this blog since 2010 and never posted. But I wanted to say that I LOVE these shelter cooking posts! They inspire me to be more creative with what I have. Thank you and blessings from Southern Arizona!
Chung said…
That's a lot of snow!

I just love that photo right before the photo of the yams, for its absolutely beautiful!

And I love the taste of yams, that soup must be delicious!
Ellen in Oregon said…
When you mentioned Stink Bug I nearly went nuts. Here what you might expect in the next month or so. Last Summer much of the produce in my garden was destroyed by Stink bugs. I noticed thre were far more of them the last couple of years and that they stayed longer in the Fall and appeared earier in the Spring. All Winter I have been finding them in my home (YUK) behind pictures, in Kleenex boxes, ect.. Since Nov. I found many that appeared dead and I threw them out the door. I find out that they are not dead at all. They put themselves into a coma for the coldest months of the Winter waiting to breed & destroy gardens & crops. Friday was the
1st day we hit 60 degrees out here in Portland. My house began creeping & crawling with dozens of the DAMN BUGS. The temp. was enough to signal them out of their sleeping beauty state and get them moving. I spent the whole day trapping the stinkers and flushing them down the drain. Even the cat is revolted by them. These Stink Bugs have no purpose other than to destroy our gardens, farms & orchards. Now that they are an epidemic in many States, there is no pesticide or method for killing them. They are breeding at 2X the rate of 3 yrs. ago. It only took 2 yrs. from the time they arrived in Oregon to reach epidemic numbers. So gardeners prepare for war. I think this is much more of a serious problem than we may think. So watch your thermometers & start flushing as many as you can or smashing if that's your style.
1st Man said…
Looks yummy, AS ALWAYS! What great work you are doing.

Meh, weathermen, it's like the only job you can have and be wrong all the time and still keep your job, ha.

Stay warm!!
Joy said…
No snow here. Nearly 50 today and I'm loving it! :-) I love roasted beets but that takes time to do esp. for a large crowd.

Here's a dessert I found online and thought of you:">The Cream Puff Cake
Ina in Alaska said…
Well hello Joyce! That soup sounds delicious and just right for your snowy weather. Love Teddy's foot sticking out, that is just what my sister's Chow, Roxy, does! They are just adorable dogs!

Hope that was a solo stink bug! NASTY!!!

I have been AWOL for all this time due to my laptop being repaired - I have it now - I waited quite a while while it's issues were sorted out, then the tech gurus dropped it off at my office, but Mr. O FORGOT to bring it home (we work together).... on and on..... I finally had to go get it myself so here I am! xo
Hooray for the weather mistake!!!

Not hooray for the stink bug. Ugh.

I need to look up a pic of them, on the Net. Because I'm not familiar with them. It would be lovely, if that's because they aren't here yet. But...... If not, they will be. Need to know what they LOOK like.

Janet said…
You could try a Borsht with meat for the guys - it is a sweetish soup but with caraway and some of the cabbage it could be good. :-)

Since you are doing so much you should get the shelter to give you a letter that you could take to local grocery stores. They often throw out veggies and other 'past due' items that are still perfectly good. Just a thought!

I think you are doing a wonderful thing. You are a very good person.

Janet in Winnipeg Manitoba

PS How is BLog Tech? Haven't heard much about him lately. Hope he is enjoying his new house!
How I love enlarging your photo's! It's almost like being there. How beautiful it all is!
The soup looks very tasty. A great cold weather meal.
The Happy Whisk said…
Where I am from, that is a proper dusting. Not sure where you are from, having finished looking about.

Anyway, nice blog. Fun stuff.

Cheers and boogie boogie.
luckybunny said…
Sounds delicious! So funny the potatoes were yams :)