A Big Storm is on the Way

 For any of you that are in the path of this storm, here are a few spring pics to focus on.

 The Blog Tech and I spent the morning making two twenty pound meatloaves, gallons of gravy and a ton of mashed potatoes for the shelter for lunch tomorrow.

He will leave early tomorrow in the storm to takes the food and bake the meatloaves at the shelter.  I will get up early and bake bread and take it down in time for the meal.  It will make a nice snowy day meal for the guys!


Anonymous said…
I do hope thye storm isn't too bad, especially since You both will be out driving in it.

So nice to see some spring photographs :-) No spring in sight here but we've had a wonderful springwinter day :-)

Have a great day!
MandaBurms said…
Drive save the two of you! It must be nice knowing the people at the shelter will have warm yummy food.

I'll be planting spring bulbs next week - while you will just start to be enjoying yours.
Love Leanne
Nellie said…
Be safe there! Why don't you come South? We could go for a meal like that.:-)
Joy said…
Good luck and be safe! Apparently, it might be snowing at my parent's soon too. It was 50 F here today. :-)
Patty Woodland said…
It's been below normal temps here. We went out to the barn last night to check AbbyGoat and there was fresh snow on the ground.

Spring my a$$
Guillaume said…
Cool, bees! No chance that I will see bees any time soon here: it is colder than in January.
Megs said…
I'm excited about the snow- we have gotten none to speak of this year, just nasty ice storms.
The men at the shelter will love the meatloaf and bread tomorrow!
Kelly said…
The storm must be passing just below us. Nothing but sun expected here. Hope the Blog Tech arrives safely. I know the homemade meals are greatly appreciated. Nice work!
Anonymous said…
beautiful images, that sounds like a perfect stormy day meal, you two are the food angels,
Meatloaf, mashed potatoes and bread are COMFORT food. I know it will stick to their insides and give them a feeling of home.
There's nothing like having comfort food for a storm! They must love your meatloaf!! Drive carefully in the storm!
He's baking them, there. He is really getting into this. Wonderful.

Be careful in the storm!!!!!!!

No storm here, and snow is melting. And I am NOT looking at the forecast. lol.
Sunnybrook Farm said…
The storm got here, covered up the grass so the animals aren't happy, I am low on hay so I am hoping for a quick melt.