I Want This Door

I saw this door on the internet and I want it.  I actually want two of them for the stone house.  I need to get my iron guy to make new gates for the guest house and I am going to try to get him to recreate these doors.  Isn't it magical?

This little puppy got herself into trouble yesterday.  She was walking on one of the frozen ponds when the ice cracked and she face planted right in the bottom of the very sludgy pond.

I immediately tried to clean her which she would not allow.  She ran away and hid. I could not even get a pic of her.  She was totally black and smelled like pond scum. I keep trying to brush it out and am about half way there.  Stubborn, stubborn puppy.
She wants to know if she is still cute enough to get a treat.


This door is fabulous. I want on too. Yeah I think she is still cute enough for a treat. How can you resist that face?
Jan said…
OOOOOHHHH!!! Me, too!!! I want at least one of those gorgeous doors :)

Poor Teddy :( Give her a big hug for me and an extra treat~~~
Ashling said…
Love those doors! You have an 'iron guy'??? Very cool!

Of course she's cute enough for a treat, regardless of mud & mischief. In fact, she should have two treats, one for cuteness and one to help deal with the trauma.
HappyCrone said…
love the door!!! A portal to magic, eh? Teddy was probably embarassed, silly little girl...
Anonymous said…
still cute enough by far!That would have been shock to break through! There was a beagle gon through the ice on th lake just down from us, the neighbors all got together and took ladders out on the ice to rescue him, his name was montgomery, I will never forget, I was afraid my son would go through the ice, of course he was the first to go out with the ladder!!That door is beautiful and at first i thought it was spider webs which also would be totally you!
The door is gorgeous! I'll bet Teddy surprised herself with the face plant! LOL!!! I definitely think she should have a treat!

What type of wood are your kitchen cabinets, they look beautiful!!!
Anonymous said…
That was a cool door! I hope he can recreate it for You!

Teddy is always cute enbough for a treat, muddy or not :-)

Have a great day!
Patty Woodland said…
Poor Teddy. I can imagine that with all that fur she is a bear to bathe.

The door is a stunner.
Oh, poor Teddy! I feel guilty for laughing.

And yes, those doors are GORGEOUS!!!!
greekwitch said…
That door is beautiful!
Poor Teddy! She does n't like baths either, huh? Phoebe is the same way! When she realises she has to take one she seems so depressed. But when the bath is over she runs around like crazy, and very happy because we always point out how good she looks!
Have you tried that? Dogs love to be told how pretty they are.. Have a wonderful week!
greekwitch said…
You know, i have n't even thought of letting a piece out for an hour. It is so obvious, that i feel such an idiot!
Thanks so much!
That door is awesome for sure. And really is there any doubt that Teddy is MORE than cute enough for a treat.
Nellie said…
Poor Teddy! That would be a real shock!
Hope Teddy is ok, no infections. She is a hoot, run and hide.

The door is amazing....I saw one something like this is Maggie Valley, North Carolina. Shorter and wider, anyway, awesome!

Good luck.
Hope Teddy is ok, no infections. She is a hoot, run and hide.

The door is amazing....I saw one something like this is Maggie Valley, North Carolina. Shorter and wider, anyway, awesome!

Good luck.
That door is so you! Looks like it would take you right into Narnia.
Now I think Teddy does deserve two cookies......and she must love the residue of that (to her) dewishous
eau du pond
Amanda said…
I absolutely love the door!! I would love to have that somewhere in my house!! I hope your iron guy can make it happen for you :)

Poor puppy :( I hope teddy will recooperate after she gets her treat :) Cheers!!
Margaret said…
OMG! YOU MUST HAVE THAT DOOR! and poor Teddy! let Mommy wash you up silly puppy! :)! maggie
jody said…
Its a good thing teddys so dang cute!! Yuk! I love love the doors too!!
Dog Trot Farm said…
This door would be perfect for you, it screams WITCH, OCTOBER FARM, what does Teddy think? Snow tomorrow for us here in Maine...greetings, Julie.
Sonia Rodriguez said…
That door is calling out your name and would be totally amazing for your home. And she is a beautiful puppy still...LOL mine runs also when its bath time.
1st Man said…
That looks like a door from The Hobbit! Awesome!

And that is one pretty little girl, give her a treat! :-)
Barb said…
That door is amazing!! Two would be wonderful. So funny about Teddy. She is looking quite good for a puppy that spent time looking like pond scum!
Raven said…
I want that door, too! If I ever get the money, I'm going to buy some land and build an English Cottage style home and garden....and this door would be perfect for the front door. The climate up here in Washington is so close the England's that I think it would fit right in.
Anonymous said…
Poor puppy too !!! I wouldn't like to be in her position either ; )
I hope the next halve will ge better.
I love the door, very magical indeed !!
Hugs from The Netherlands.
I don't want the door, but I'll take the dog ... even in those conditions. Poor lil one. Glad it has a good momma! ♥
That door, is pure magic!!!!!!!!!

Stubborn puppies might get an infection in their delicate eyes, from "dropping into" pond scum. And not letting Mom wash them off, well.


Oh but that door is soooooooooo great!
I love iron work.

How super to have a particular person, to do such, for you. Wonderful!!!!!!!!!!

Do you ever go watch the process? Bet it is sooooooooo interesting....
Ina in Alaska said…
I can just see you trying to clean up poor Teddy!! Glad she is ok and I think that door is just gorgeous!!
petoskystone said…
Always cute enough to get treats!
luckybunny said…
Oh no Teddy! Don't worry about not being cute enough for treats, never ganna happen! I think the door is awesome and I can completely see why you'd want it - fits your style perfectly!