More Snow

 We had a bit more snow last night and Teddy was not happy when she saw it this morning until I pointed this out to her.  Look what I saw next to my driveway drain!   Bad Kitty tracks.

 Teddy was on them in an instant.

 With her 'nose to the grindstone', so to speak, she followed them through the yard.
 Will these tracks lead me to a bad kitty? I sure hope so.

 She left no track unturned.

 The tracks led to the lower garden.  And this, cat lovers, is why god invented garden gates.  No dead bad kitties today!


Jan said…
Poor "bad kitty" snack today :)

Snow day here today, too...thru Tuesday~~~

Patty Woodland said…
We had snow last night too. I have unhappy goats
MandaBurms said…
Teddy would go crazy living here with all our cat. Mack the mastiff doesn't like cats at all either!
Love Leanne
Anonymous said…
I think Teddy would have loved somne bad kitty for breakfast today, well another day perhaps :-)

No more snow here, in fact it's melting away :-) But they say the cold air will come back next week and it will stay for long delaying the arrival of spring.

Have a great day!
Thank goodness the intrepid Teddy is there to protect you and your household!
gloriahanaway said…
Teddy just wanted her Mama to cook her a kitty burger for breakfast!
LOL- what a sweet baby!
Kitties are so much part of Halloween though. SNIFF! SNIFF! Wink1 Wink! Good job Teddy.
-chuckle- No dead bad kitties today!

But I bet Teddy really gave-them-what-for, through the garden gate!!! "Get out of my yard, you ^*&&%$$%^& cats!" lol.

So happy that you agree with me, on the DLST issue. Bahhhh-humbug to messing with Nature's time.

I meant it, if not for appointments, I'd like to turn off all clocks. Leave 'em up, to look pretty. But not have them telling time, declared by the government.

-grumble, grumble, grumble-

Nellie said…
No snow here this morning, but we surely did have snow showers off and on all week-end, with no accumulation. Our cat doesn't like to get his feet cold, so he wouldn't be out in snowy weather.:-)
snow. you like snow. snow Teddy doesn't like snow. Teddy does like to find kitty tracks. Teddy is so cute!!

Wishing you a good week.
Jaja said…
love the door of enchantment!
greekwitch said…
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I hope i am not bugging you!
luckybunny said…
Your garden looks so beautiful even in the snow!