Pizza Dough Recipe

 Is your circadian alarm flashing this morning?  I just don't get DLST and really wish they would get rid of it.

 I tried yet another new pizza dough recipe and it is very good so I thought you might want to try it too.

 I diced a bunch of garlic and mixed it with olive oil to spread on top of the dough as a base.  If you are not a garlic lover, skip this step.

 Mix 1-3/4 C. of water with 2-1/4 tsp. of rapid rise yeast. Add 1-1/2 tsp. of salt and 2 T. of olive oil.  Add 4 C. of bread flour and knead until you have a smooth ball of dough.  Cover and let rise until doubled. Place the dough on a cornmeal covered sheet of parchment paper.

 Using your fingertips, push the dough into a circle...or as close to a circle as you can get.  Or get really crazy and press it into a rectangle.  You only live once!

 Brush the edges with olive oil and if you are using the garlic oil, brush the middle with it.

 Spread on some sauce and top it with cheese and your favorite toppings.

 I sprinkle the top with grated Parmesan just before it goes into the oven.

Bake it for about 12 minutes at 500 degrees.  You can top it with fresh basil leaves when you remove it from the oven for added taste.  BTW...your puppy might like a bit of this crust!  I know mine does.


Patty Woodland said…
Hubby would love that. I hate DLST too. I never adjust. NEVER.
If you move to Arizona or Hawaii, they don't have DLST there. Of course, no snow either which would suck for you. So how about moving to Saskatchewan? No DLST either but lotsa snow and cold in the winter!
I am determined to Honor Natural Time! So far, so good.

- Keeping eyes off of clocks, as much as possible.

- Will rely on him, to tell me any necessary times, coming up. Like some tv show, we watch regularly.

- Getting up and going to bed, when I FEEL it is right.

Feels like a Righteous Quest!!! -gigggles-
Anonymous said…
I think you should seriously consider Debra's advice, sounds good to me!We would love to have you come to Canada!! This is a lovely pizza, I will try this dough, I'm always trying for the perfect dough recipe,
Looks delicious! I agree about DLST, I understand it's original intent . . . But it's now the 21st century!
Anonymous said…
I haven't had pizza in over a year and this sounds delicious! Not in food mood today though, stomach flu or bad ham I'm not sure which.

Have a great day!
Looks scrumptious.
Guillaume said…
Need to make my own pizza dough.
Susan said…
This looks great! I just found your blog, have tried 3 of the recipes so far (Chicken noodle soup, chocolate cake, and cuban sandwich)and they are just amazing!!! Thank you so much. Susan
Barb said…
Pizza looks wonderful! I hate these time changes!!
Nellie said…
I'm with you on the time change! It takes me forever to adjust, and then we are stuck with it until November!
Wonderful pizza!
Debbie said…
God this looks so good Joyce. I must try it soon....
luckybunny said…
Homemade pizza is the best thing in the world.