Spring is in The Air

 Yesterday I was cleaning out a closet and found some stuffed bunnies from long ago.  I carried them downstairs and put them in my Goodwill box so I could drop them off later next week.  I keep a Goodwill box all the time and throw things in it and drop it off when it is full.  On this crisp sunny morning when the sun had just come up, I walked outside and saw this!  Teddy raided the Goodwill box and was playing with one of the bunnies.  She was throwing it in the air and dancing around it. The bunny was already looking a bit rough around the edges.

Look what the Easter bunny left for me, mama.
Mama....I losted my bunny!
It was here just a minute ago.

Has anyone seen my bunny?

 Uh oh...bunny faceplant.

Bunny ambulance on the way to the hospital.

And speaking of anthropomorphizing....check out a blog that I just found:  http://hopalonghollowgazette.blogspot.com/2013/03/anthropomorphic-market-day-in-hollow.html?showComment=1362836107639#c8361229166422180272

Her art is amazing and the blog is wonderful.


I don't think the Goodwill will miss one little bunny . . . .
Moncha Eilis said…
Teddy is sooo cute !!!
I love that blog, thank you for the link ; )
Have a great weekend.
Patty Woodland said…
She is an incredible illustationist and artist.

Who would anthropomorphise animals. Who? Who?
Sunny but nasty cold here today so spring has come to a halt now. Just what to expect but it would have been so nice if the warmer weather had continued.

I think they can manage without that bunny :-)

What a nice blog!

Have a great day!
Teddy thank you for the big smile on my face this morning. It's nice to see you enjoying that stuffed bunny.
LOL! So cute! We call that "big game hunting" when Duke does something like that!
petoskystone said…
If Teddys' bouncing around with a bunny, then Spring must be on its' way :)
Joy said…
Very cute! Spring is in full swing here in Istanbul. Just stopped by a nearby park this afternoon to photograph all the "tulip" trees in bloom. Lovely!
Sara said…
Who could resist a cute little bunny. Or Teddy. :)
MandaBurms said…
Stella the poodle has way more toys. Teddy needs more!
Love Leanne
Guillaume said…
It does look and feel like Spring on these pictures. Here they are forecasting snow for Monday, but it was very mild today.
The Happy Whisk said…
Bunny ambulance on the way. Hahahahaha.
Nellie said…
How cute Teddy is playing with that bunny!
Robin Larkspur said…
Nawwww, I am not going to call Teddy a Bunny Thief. She is part of the "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose" movement. Repurposing the bunny as a friendly companion!
I visited Jeri's blog, and OMG thanks so much for the link. She reminds me so much of Beatrix Potter, who I adore. What wonderful art,and her sidebar is filled with amazing art and photos of her animals. LOVE IT!!
Jeri Landers said…
Dogs know how to have a jolly good game! I have to say, that your post below with the snowy yard is simply stunning. I am sure the garden is elegant in summer, but in winter, wow! what a wonderland. Thank you so much for the nice comments, and tell your pup to take good care of that bunny, we, here in the Hollow take kindly to little buns, especially pink ones.
Barb said…
Such cute photos of Teddy. Thanks for the heads up on that delightful blog!
luckybunny said…
Teddy you are too cute for words. It does indeed look like spring too!