Teddy is pretending it is Spring and soaking up all the sunlight she can.
 We took a walk through the lower gardens looking for signs of Spring.  We found the first crocuses peeking through the ivy.

 Peeking tulips too.

 Wild onions are always the first to show some green.

 We planted over 500 daffodils last Fall.

 They are popping up everywhere.

 Last night we had a heaving frost.  It pushed the paths up and was crunchy to walk on this morning.

 The dogwoods are putting out some pretty Spring yellow.

 The ponds are frozen.

 The daffodils will put on quite a display when they bloom.  This Fall I think I will add tulips.

 The frost got my Hellebore's.  They will eventually force out some new blooms.

 Suspended animation fish.

 The chives are growing too.

 The English Walking Stick has buds on it.

 My Green Giant Thuja Arborvitae should grow quickly this season.  They are supposed to grow 3-4 feet each year.  Soon my garden will be walled in by them.

As always, Teddy waits for me at the gate.
 Time to head back to the main house.

Hope you enjoyed the tour.


Ina in Alaska said…
Loved the tour and your assistant. I think Spring has sprung!
Jan said…
Thank you very much for these touches of Spring...lovely photos and of course darling Teddy :)

It's snowing here again today...heavy sigh~
Sunnybrook Farm said…
It really felt cold here this morning in the wind. I think the ground is warming up fairly good but the wind makes it nasty for anyone trying to work outdoors. I wimped out and came to town to get truck tags but will see if I can split wood when I get home. Lots of signs of spring though.
John'aLee said…
I bet your place is just gorgeous when it all comes to life. How big is your property anyway?
Spring is going to be gorgeous at your place. All those flowers starting to come up. Hope frost doesn't take them out before they all get to bloom. Thank you Teddy for the tour. Soak up that sunshine. It can be fleeting.
Far from spring here, 5F here this morning and it will continue like this for a while they say. Hellebores usually manage to go through quite heavy frost up here so Yours should manage fine too I think.

I don't know why but daffodils doesn't like living in my garden, I plant bulbs every year and they all die every winter :-)

Have a great spring day!
Patty Woodland said…
I can't wait to see all of those daffodils!
The Happy Whisk said…
Fantastic tour guide, you've got there today. Ours would just show off all their mud piles and backyard holes.
I always love the gardens.
Barb said…
Lovely photos of signs of spring! Can't wait to see all the daffodils in bloom.
We still have snow in most of the yard, except along the house walkway & it's showing signs of spring! Loved your garden tour!
luckybunny said…
Spring??? is right... but it does indeed look very spring like... for now! LOL