St. Patrick's Day Weekend and an Event

 It is St. Patrick's Weekend in this city and the festivities are underway.  There were drunk green people out at 8:00 am.  This totally confuses Teddy.  She does not like the noise one bit.

 There is green to be found everywhere.

Everyone in this town is Irish for the weekend.  Except maybe me.  I just don't get it.  It seems to be nothing more than an excuse to get sloppy drunk for days.
I have begun cooking for my daughter's next event in DC.  We are making marinated flank steaks for one of the appetizers.  This is a fabulous recipe if you have not yet tried it. you can find the recipe here:

I have made this recipe many times over 40 years and no matter how much I make there is never any left.
This will be my daughter's last event because, I am happy to say, she is about to start a new job.
She was not even looking for one but was spotted by someone and offered the job of a lifetime.

This is her dream job and I wish her all the best with her new venture.  For her privacy I won't say more but believe me she is beyond excited!


Barbara F. said…
Wishing your daughter the best. The folks at her old job will never, ever get such fabulous food at their events again. Never!! xo
Megs said…
Glad to hear about your daughter!
Juli Isola said…
We use it as an excuse to get sloppy drunk in California too! We have our corned beef and cabbage ready to go. This year we are going to try your corned beef hash if we have leftovers.
Anonymous said…
Congrats to Your daughter for her new job :-)

I think most swedes take any holliday to become sloppy drunk :-) But St. Patricks day here, too few catholics here I guess.

I can fully understand Teddy, green noisy people would make me confused too :-)

Have a great day!
TEDDY I saw lots of pups down at our St. Patrick's Day parade. But all that music and noise was frustrating them too. The festivities will be over before you know it. The dream job sounds intriguing and the flank steak looks delicious.
Nellie said…
Oh, how exciting to hear such good news about your daughter!

I have to agree with Teddy. I just don't understand the green drunks, either.

Try to find some time for yourself this week-end.:-)
Debby said…
sounds like a great new adventure for your daughter. Wishing her good luck. Hmmmmm, that goes with St. Patricks Day.
Have a good week-end.
Guillaume said…
Happy St-Patrick's Day in advance!
Susan said…
Congratulations to your daughter! I'm sure she deserves some great luck. I just have to thank you again for your wonderful recipes. I'm really not what anyone would consider a great cook, but everything I've made from your recipes is stunning! Thank you so much.
Barb said…
I agree about St. Patrick's Day. It just gave me a chance to try your recipe!!Congratulations to your daughter!!
People have been/will be celebrating St. Paddy's day for 3 days because it's on a Sunday - beyond crazy! We did have our corned beef & cabbage with 10 people at our cottage. It was beyond delicious and lots of fun to be with good friends & family!

Congrats to your daughter!
Rue said…
Congrats on your daughter's new job!

And unless someone was handing me a key lime cheesecake today, I wasn't in the Irish mood. Maybe next year.
Yeah, for so many people, a St. Patrick's Day WEEKEND is just an excuse for getting "sossssssed" all weekend. Ugh...

Poor Teddy.

Hooray for your daughter!

Husband has been making a flank steak recipe for years. And the kids now do it too. Yummmmmmm....

petoskystone said…
Best to your daughter :) I'm with Teddy, I have no patience for noisy drunks.
Anonymous said…
Congratulations to your daughter. I hope she will have a great time at her new job !!
Have a wonderful day.
I'm excited for your daughter! "Dream job" is all I need to hear to know she must be over the moon!
Great news about your daughter, I wish her all of the very best. Have a good week Diane
Carl Belken said…
Congratulations to your daughter! You and your family must be so proud of, and happy for her. Do so hope this new position is everything she wishes for and more! Gracie
Ina in Alaska said…
How exciting & unexpected for your daughter! I am sure there will be food worked into the new job somehow.......

Onward and Upward!!

I just enjoy the spirit of St. Patrick's Day but oh my... people's fashion choices are very interesting!!!!
Mar. 18..

No post here, since Mar. 16... Hope all is well. Etc. Etc. Etc.

Patty Woodland said…
How wonderful for your daughter. When someone does good work, good work finds them.
Congratulations from all of us here.
MandaBurms said…
Head hunted - the best way to get a job and be appreciated! Whoop whoop for your daughter!
Love Leanne
luckybunny said…
Wishing your daughter well! I bet she is excited!!