Teddy Again

 Oh hi...me again!  I am standing in for my mama again today since she is very busy cooking a big meal for the shelter.  She will show it to you tomorrow.

 Right now I am trying to figure out how to bust through this door to eat the man cleaning my hall rug.  He is messing with my favorite rug and I want a piece of him.

Do any of you have an extra key to this door?


Anonymous said…
Oh boy, you really have to watch out for Teddy ; )
Have a great weekend.
Dee said…
I am sure the people at the shelter will WELCOME your mama's cooking! She is an angel.
Anonymous said…
No one should mess with ones favorite rug, my dogs tells me that all the time :-)

Have a great day and don't bite that man :-)

Patty Woodland said…
Oooh, Teddy. I am sure he would not taste so good. You should probably beg for scraps from your mommy. THEY would be DELICIOUS!
Does the cleaning man get extra pay, because of how close he is getting, to THE WRATH OF TEDDY?????? -grin-
You are being FIERCE today, Teddy!
Guillaume said…
Teddy is so cute.
Nellie said…
Mama is fortunate that she has you to keep an eye on things!
The Happy Whisk said…
I did a puppy post again too. They are great fun to photograph.
Love your puppy posts! Is Teddy really that frisky?
luckybunny said…
if I had the key Teddy - you'd absolutely get it!