A Trip Up North and Some Gardening

 We took Teddy out to the country this morning to see the Big Puppies. She loves these guys!

 Some of them were far away.

 But some were very close.

 Teddy's nose was pressed against the window.

 I know this is blurry but you can still see the reaction the horse made when it heard the strange noise coming from the car.

 These guys did not like Teddy too much.

 Lots of Teddy's friends live here but they were not out on this pretty Spring day.

 When we returned home I started planting.

 I needed to fill in some spots on the stairs where the phlox grows. Notice all the dandelions?

 Though the phlox grows well on most of these stairs, I have never been able to get it to grow in the corners because of the lack of sun.  So, today I planted mazus there and I am betting it does very well.

This is a part of my lawn where I planted mazus years ago.  It chokes out everything including the weeds.  It has a pretty flower and when it is green, it provides a nice cushion.  Teddy loves to lay on it.  And notice, no dandelions here!


Anonymous said…
Orvar loves horses but none of my dogs likes cows, they are very scared of them. I will never have to worry about them chasing any cattle :-)

Too chilly even for dandelions here yet but they will soon they'll cover all our lawns and the field outside the cottage :-)

Have a great day!
Anonymous said…
mmm, no dandelions grow in that stuff, excellent!!
That was quite the trip for Teddy!
I posted a piece about my dandelions this morning. Yellow is the only color in my yard right now. TEDDY that countryside looked serene.
MandaBurms said…
It is looking like spring now over at your place. Thanks for tip mazus - will look out for some.
Carl Belken said…
Think it is so neat, that Teddy luvs the cows an horses, our doxy loves both, but to see a chance deer, makes her giddy lol.

Your stairs are lovely with the phlox elegantly draped on them. But, in your next to last photo, I see what looks to be an elongated thin vine that dangles clear down to your steps and wonder what it is. It is such a nice, addition, that you would not expect to find, where it chose to grow. Gracie
Molly love horses and cows!
Barbara F. said…
I have an abundance of dandelions! I neither like to cook them nor make tea!! Need some of that mazus. xo
You've got such a beautiful back yard!
Patty Woodland said…
I love phlox. We are having a lot of dandelions this year too.
Barb said…
I definitely need mazus. Our weeds love this cool damp climate! Teddy is so cute!
I think I need to cover my lawn in mazus!
Well..sigh..the only cows around here are living in foul smelling dairy's. Mele has never in her life seen a cow..for that matter it's been a long time since I have.
Teddy wouldn't like it where we live.
I am so glad you like the arbor. Those roses grow so fast.
Pink with the red! Well heck! Why didn't I think of that! I feel another project coming on!
c. Joy said…
From where I sit, you are already up north. ;)

Your stairs are beautiful - is this a result years of planning and planting?
So many gorgeous photos...how beautiful!!!
Nellie said…
You will have another gorgeous garden this year!

It sounds like Teddy quite enjoyed his outing.:-)
MUST look up mazus!!!!!!! It sounds perfect. If I could, I'd have that all over, what is now grass, around here!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fun trip to the country, for Teddy.

LOVE seeing those pastured cows!!!

Your phlox is sooooo beautiful, on the steps. Just lovely. So old fashioned and looking like it's all been there, for a century or so. :-) Which is exactly how you want your gardens/lawn to look!!!!!