And Then The Rain Came

It was a nice warm spring morning early today and Teddy was sitting under her umbrella.

Suddenly, the skies opened and huge quarter sized drops of rain began to fall.  Teddy tried to find her way into the house without walking in the wet spots.

She glanced at her bunny with the fleeting thought of saving him.

Then she decided, every man for himself, and she ran for it.  The whole 3 feet.  Chow chows sure hate to get their feet wet.

My flower beds are waking up.

I wish I could remember what I planted last year!

The Fall Flowering Cherry is at it's peak.

The Oakleaf Hydraneas are opening.

My neighbor cut out roots in his yard which killed the entire middle of my Silver Maple.  Grrrrrr.....

And never fear....I ran out in the rain and rescued Bunny!


Suzanne said…
I just love your yard.

My boxer Bella refuses to get her feet wet also.
John'aLee said…
Oh so cute! Love seeing the pics of your yard. That is sad about your tree. It's not like those things grow overnight like that!
Patty Woodland said…
So glad bunny is safe!
The goats don't like to get wet either
Laurie Mcknight said…
quite an adventure the bunny had! I love it when you said Teddy almost decided to save the bunny!!!!Your plants are beautiful that cherry is amazing,
petoskystone said…
Yea! for a bunny rescue.
Poor Teddy, caught out there inn the terribe rain :-) I'm glad You saved the poor bunny :-) :-) :-)

Too bad about that maple but we all know what roots can do. Do You have to take it down now? Try to see it as an opportunity to plant something else.

TEDDY is so cute with bunny. Glad you rescued it so Teddy can play with it another day. Your garden is so lovely. What I have I put in containers here. My daughter planted something that is coming up and she can't remember what it was and I don't know???
Ellen in Oregon said…
Teddy is such a dainty diva. Doesn't like her delicate tootsies getting wet, but loves to drink pond scum? Chows seem have conflicting preferences.
Every time you show Teddy lying under her umbrella, I envision her as a doggie Scarlet O'Hare in Gone With the Wind. Teddy would be dressed as a Southern belle, sitting on a rolling green lawn with her parasol in paw and fanning herself so she doesn't perspire. Instead of tea sandwiches, Teddy would have a dish of cottage cheese bon bons to nibble on.
Teddy is so clever. Bet you didn't even realize that she trained you to fetch her bunny for her. Me thinks the tail is wagging the dog at your address. I'm sure Teddy would not want Mama thinking too much about that.
Your yard is really coming to life and Spring seems to be in overdrive trying to catch up after such a prolonged Winter. Your yard is perfect for outdoor enteraining - lucky you.
Oh Teddy! I'm sure Bunny will forgive you. How could anyone stay mad at you?
Guillaume said…
I love the cherry tree.
Nellie said…
Poor Teddy! The weather is just working against her!

Your yard looks really good!
I'm in agreement with Teddy. I hate to get my feet wet too. Being a lab my Bella doesn't mind getting wet which means she always takes her time doing her business, even in the pouring rain.
Jeri Landers said…
"I wish I could remember what I planted there" HA! I know the feeling! I finally wised up and put little copper markers at the base of each plant, but by the time spring arrived I couldn't even make out the letters... oh well, at least I know SOMETHING is supposed to appear.
jill said…
I'm sorry about your maple tree- what a shame. Your yard looks lovely and I so enjoy your recipes!
Teddy and her bunny are always good for a smile and a warm feeling. Thanks for sharing her, Joyce!
thankfully! you rescued bunny! -giggles-

yeah, we had a lottttttttttttt of rain, over here too. nice damp weather, to have our heating system 'konk-out' on us. not!

all those lovely spring growing things, are precious.
Sandy said…
The captions fit Teddy to a T!! Maybe if you look at your posts from the Fall or Summer you might have blogged about what you planted.
Bonnie said…
I love your witty writing! And the pictures are perfect!
MandaBurms said…
Sure wish the poodle didn;t like getting her feet wet. I can see it is going to be quite a job with a towel at the back door with her.

Teddy seems to of become very fond of her bunny.
luckybunny said…
NOOOO he cut roots that killed the middle of your silver maple! That's horrible :( I loved the pictures but this was the worst thing ever at the end. So sad. Love the blossoms on your blog background now too - beautiful! makes me happy to see them!