Blackberry Syrup

I have been so busy the last few days that I did not notice until today that I posted that you would know your strata is done when it no longer giggles.  That made me jiggle all morning.

I was still working on my shelter homework.  When you get a huge garbage bag filled with bread, you need to work fast.  It's already stale and you have to use it before the mold sets in.

So, I made more French toast.

And blackberry syrup.

150 pieces of  French toast.

I know cause I counted!

And endless olive/cheese bread.

I know this sounds crazy but every time I drop these huge amounts of food off at the shelter, I can't believe that when I walk in the next day there is no sign that it was ever  there.  I guess I always expect to see leftovers! 


Guillaume said…
I put maple syrup on French toasts. I know I am repeating myself, but te cheese and olive bread you make reminds me of the one I used to buy in Montreal. Gosh the memories.
Unfortunately it means there are too many homeless people there that need feeding. BUT it also means your food is so good it doesn't warrant leftovers. They just gobble it up.
Suzanne said…
I really think I am going to try the olive cheese bread this weekend
Laurie Mcknight said…
left overs,,, from your food!!!!!!
I doubt you will ever ever find left overs of anything you bring, those people at the shelter are eating gourmet recipes, that syrup sounds heavenly, I LOVE black berries,
how could there be left-overs, of your fabulous food?!? no way!!!!!!!!!!!
people who have known consistent hunger, and for years could not be sure of their next meal, they do not waste food.

good job jaz.
Nellie said…
You are a true blessing! Great way to use that stale bread.
luckybunny said…
What? I mean how can that be wrong, you don't want it giggling right? makes sense to me ;)

That's a lot of work and a lot of good stuff, that syrup has me drooling. I highly doubt there is even a trace of a crumb left, let alone leftovers! I'm sure everyone just devours this good food made with lots of TLC.
Patty Woodland said…
I am sure they love your creativity.

We will be putting in a berry garden this year so next year I should have blackberries!
dindin said…
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jody said…
I cant wait to get out in the gardens... we still have tons of snow but it is melting slowly and thats what we need so there isnt as much flooding..
Teddy i bet has all kinds of laying spots! shes so dang cute! its a good thing she keeps watch over all the gardens! your breads look wonderful! now im hungry for french toast! enjoy your day!!
I KNOW I have said this before, but everytime I see how much cooking you do for the shelter..and then work out in your yard.. Joyce! I think you are really Super Woman in disguise.