More Snow

 When I went out this morning this is what I saw.  The snow gods are smiling on me this year.  Teddy was not happy.  It looks like we will have work outside weather this coming weekend.  Time to tackle the potting bench.

 So, as an ode to summer, I defrosted some of my spaghetti sauce that I  made with last years tomatoes.

I had the best of both worlds.  Snow on the ground and the taste of summer in a bowl!


Patty Woodland said…
You must be one happy woman!
That sure looks good to eat !!!!
Laurie said…
ahhhhhh, bliss!
I'm glad You got more snow :-) I'm glad that I don't get it :-)

Now I became even more hungry :-)

Have a great day!
Here, cold temps again, and wind. Cold enough to spit snow, now and then. Brrrrr... But no snow accumulation.

Just put up an umbrella and turn into "Mary Poppins" though! Easily! -grin-
Claudia Turgut said…
Well, I'm glad that our spring has finally arrived!! I don't miss cold and biting winds at all!! Yr spaghetti looks delicious :))
Guillaume said…
In general, I don't like spaghetti and tomato much, I need some proteins with it (meatballs, or sausages). That said, this reminds me of the Tunisian spaghetti I often make, which is basically spicy tomato paste, garlic and fresh spring onions, fresh tomatoes and fresh mushrooms AND parmesan cheese to top it all. Lovely on a summer day with red wine, or a cold day like you had.
Nellie said…
Such a treasure to have homemade sauce from last summer's bounty!

Poor Teddy! She must think warm weather has deserted her.:-( Spring will come!
Spaghetti sounds yummy. It was 21 here this morning. We had snow flurries yesterday. Your grounds look amazing whatever the weather.
Barb said…
That does look good. Spring is in a hurry here and my poor knees are feeling it!
Snow . . . Done with it! Now that sauce . . . Yum!
Kelly said…
I love to have homemade frozen spaghetti sauce on hand. It tasts so good as the spices meld. We had about 3 inches of snow last night. Im really looking forward to warm weather. About June. LOL