Outdoor Spigots

 It is always a happy day when my outdoor sink is turned on.  This water source is shut down over the winter.  I have hot and cold here and use it constantly.

 My tulips finally bloomed.

 I planted a deep pink phlox that will grow into the purple by next year.

 My millstone room is filled with dandelions.

 The creek and ponds will be awakened soon.

 This is one of my 4 season outdoor spigots.  Click on any of the photos to enlarge. When I built my gardens, I had these scattered throughout so I could have water available even in winter.  They bury them deep enough so that the lines do not freeze.

 I put up my spinning bat to keep the birds out of the newly planted garden.

 I also put a 4 season spigot in the potting shed to use in the copper sink.  These are so handy.

 All of the hostas are popping up.

 Where the sun is hitting them, they are already opening and are enormous.

 Someone asked what this is that is hanging above the phlox.  This is one of my mirror chains that I made. You can see a few of the reflexions in this pic but in real life, these are magical.  The sun reflects off of the mirror tiles and it looks like hundreds of fairies flying around the garden.

I love it when the light pours through the stained glass on the garden doors.


Anonymous said…
I love it all.
Even the dandelions,
the spinning bat,
the stained glass doors,
I love it all,
Nellie said…
It is easy to see that you have put in many hours working to get the garden the way you want it. Such a lovely space!
I LOVE the stained glass doors. And a flying bat, how cool.
Guillaume said…
Lovely pictures, as usual. And tonight is Walpurgis Night... My message to all Halloween afficionados.
Patty Woodland said…
So beautiful. It snowed today. *sigh*
Love that beautiful pink and purple phlox.
Barb said…
Your garden is a magical place in the Spring! I love the mirror chain idea!
Daughter in law and I read your blog together tonight. She is the one that owns the restaurant (with son) and she is going to check into the pocket hose. Ok..so am I! :)
I can't get enough of your yard. It's wonderful!
Carl Belken said…
Thank you for sharing glimpses of your gardens as they awaken from a long winter's rest. To say they are all just beautiful, is an understatement. You have created them with wonder and whimsy, almost expect to find a real live elf or gnome going about it's business in some of your backgrounds!

Also, thank you so much, for answering the question, of what looked to be the elongated vine, next to your stairs draped with phlox. Do remember you explaining how you made your little mirrors, but to see it put to use...is amazing and wonderful! Can't tell you how have racked my brain, trying to figure out, what kind of growing vine you had planted there!

Thank you, for taking time from your busy day, to share with us all! Gracie
All lovely....

But oh were did you get that spinning bat??? That looks like a marvelous idea. Neatly-visual and doing-a-job, too!

Happy May!
Your yard is an absolute Disneyland for us that like to get outside in our yards and play. How big is your yard exactly..I love enlarging the photo's and trying to connect it all together..which way the house is..what's on both sides..*sigh* I LOVE it!
luckybunny said…
Wow, everything is really coming alive!