Planting the Vegetable Garden

 Yesterday I started planting the vegetable garden.  What you see here are perennials. Rhubarb, chives and horseradish.  And the garlic I planted last Fall.

 The Blog Tech helped me.  All of a sudden he is very interested in gardening.  He is back by the potting shed planting peppers.  We are planting him a salsa garden.  He picked out all the kinds of peppers and tomatoes he wants to make salsa.

 I can't wait for the New Dawn roses to bloom over the potting shed.  They put on quite a show.

 To conserve room, we planted peppers between the garlic.

 That is Teddy at the back of the pic drinking yucky water from the lower pond. My arborviteas have doubled in size. I can't wait to have a wall of green again.

 More pepper plants were planted down the other side of the raised bed.

 I have eggplants, cucumbers and celery to plant too.

 I bought this for The Blog Tech.  It is a crock of herbs to use in making Mexican Food.  This would make such a good gift for someone into Mexican cooking or make one up with basil, oregano, parsley, etc. for an Italian cook.

We are also planting tomatillas for the salsa.  And I bought some corn to plant too.  I doubt that I will get any corn but I love to listen to it rustle in the wind.


MandaBurms said…
All the best for your summer garden. It is thrilling when a child gets the green thumb bug.

Love Leanne
The Blog Tech is your sous-chef and now sous-gardener too! And yes, nothing is so eerie and Halloweenie a sound as dry cornstalks rustling in the night wind under a silver moon . . . .
How exciting to be planting your veggies. Cool that the Blog Tech is really into it too. And Teddy helping.
Patty Woodland said…
You might be surprised. We get quite a bit of corn even with our short growing season.
Anonymous said…
all I could think of when i saw the basil was "oh my gosh I hope it doesn't freeze" then I remembered you are in a warmer zone than we are, lol
looks wonderful,
I love visiting your garden and yard and I simply adore that darling garden shed!!!

Nellie said…
Good for you! We are still waiting for our spot to dry.
I thank you for sharing your vegetable garden planting!

Everything is green and pretty.
I thank you for sharing your vegetable garden planting!

Everything is green and pretty.
Barb said…
How nice to have the help of the blog tech! You will have a wonderful garden of great things to eat!!Plus, I think veggie and herb gardens are so pretty.
WOW!!!! Hooray for planting!

With corn, you need someone else in the area, to plant some too, yes? So it can cross-pollinate or some such? :-)
Sunnybrook Farm said…
Be sure that you have cilantro, you just have to have lots of that!
In no time flat your garden is going to gorgeous and overflowing.
No garden here. :(
luckybunny said…
Major progress. I cannot wait for the rhubarb to be ready to eat. I hope you get some corn, it's usually something we don't do great with here, although the last time we tried we finally got edible ears because we put about 5 tons of manure in the soil and I mean 5 tons! Love the pot of herbs for mexican cooking, what a great idea!
chickpea678 said…
I haven't visited the blog in a while. What lovely gardening posts. I love that you planted the corn to hear it rustle in the wind...poetic.