Potted Pansies

 Remember the painted coffee cans from the other day?  This is what I did with them.

Using a screw driver and hammer, I punched holes in the bottom of all the cans.  Btw...I did not drink this coffee on my own.  I drink 1 cup of coffee each morning consisting of about 1 inch of coffee and the rest is milk.  And it takes me all morning to drink it. Someone else has a bad coffee habit.
 I lined the cans with coffee filters which works better than using stones.

 Then I filled them all with potting soil.

 Watered them thoroughly.

 Let them drain.

I have them sitting on the potting table until I decide where to place them.

You could paint them any color you like and even paint them in assorted colors too.


Patty Woodland said…
They look very happy!
Anonymous said…
Looks so nice!
But it's hard to find coffee cans in metal here now days, if I see any they're usually big ones and way to much coffee in them for me :-)

Have a great day!
Anonymous said…
they look beautiful, I never knew the coffee filter tip, thats a great idea, those pansy would lovely sitting in the snow we just got another 6 inches last night, it looks like January here!
wendywoo said…
Great idea with the coffee filter! You know, if you put those cans in the can opener, it will remove the ring of metal at the opening just as if it had a full metal lid...
So pretty! I've always liked pansies, in more ways than one.
What a clever idea with the coffee cans. And so pretty with the flowers in them.
John Gray said…
I do like those....proper green x
luckybunny said…
What an awesome idea! They look great :) I'll have to remember this for old paint cans!
People must have to buy the enormous cans of coffee to get the tin can. Your pansies and green cans look very springy.
Nellie said…
Lovely, lovely! You are all ready for spring!
Barb said…
I love your coffee /pansy containers! Very spring -like!
-clapping hands- Precious idea!

And you can put them where you want them. And move them around and around and around.

This is the first (northern) blog I've seen, with PANSIES! Hooray. :-)
It looks wonderful! Perhaps I will add Pansies to the front flower bed...BIG yellow ones that looks like sunshine.