Steak Dinner for The Shelter

 Sunday's dinner was a huge success. I made them lots of garlic toast.

 And 4 chocolate cakes with vanilla bean icing served with vanilla icing.

 I seasoned the filets ahead of time.

 I cooked 75 steaks at one time on a huge catering grill.  Quite an experience.

 All of the guys were thrilled.  Well, except for one.  He asked if I had any rib eyes and was very disappointed when I told him all I had was filet mignon.

 The Blog Tech and I sauteed tons of onions and peppers to go with the steaks.  Someone at the shelter told me the guys love peppers and onions. I forgot to take a pic but I sauteed 40 lbs of fresh asparagus too.

 I made 13 quarts of ranch dressing.

 And a coconut poke cake in case someone didn't like chocolate.

I drive a suburban and the entire car was packed with food.

The shelter tends to be a noisy place but the moment the food was served, you could have heard a pin drop.  Those guys know how to eat!  So a good time for all except maybe the rib eye guy and another fellow that seems disappointed that I had not made hollandaise sauce for the asparagus.  Just because you are homeless doesn't mean you can't still be picky!


Patty Woodland said…
There is one in every crowd no matter what. I'm sure that it was very much appreciated rib eye or no rib eye.

Gotta love people
Anonymous said…
There's always at least one isn't it :-) :-) :-)

This is the best birthday present I've ever heard of!

Have a great day!
What a great way to celebrate.
Anonymous said…
what a wonderful birthday present, did the men at the shelter know it was your gift?
Marina Pérez said…
Wow! Great job! Amazing!

Hugs from Jerez

That's so wonderful -- I bet those guys haven't had a steak dinner like that in eons! I understand why the place went silent -- can't talk, eating!

Thanks, Joyce, for showing us the true way to spread birthday joy and blessings!
Betty said…
You have to be one of the best people out there! You give me hope for humanity, thank you!
Debby said…
You are just the best. Happy Birthday.
Funny about the picky two. Shows they still have some spunk.
babs said…
I just can't imagine how are able to do this consistently.

Not only the expense but the time and effort. You're awesome.
MandaBurms said…
I bet you are the talk of the shelter.

Many blessings to you and your family who all helped.
Dee said…
You are a very caring person. I am sure the shelter loves you!
You are absolutely one of the dearest and most caring people in the world!

That shelter is very lucky that they have someone to care about them the way you do. I bet they care about you, too~
Guillaume said…
Garlic toasts, steaks... Delicious.
Dog Trot Farm said…
Joyce, you and your family are so generous, what a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday. Giving of one's self is the best gift ever. I have to ask, if you were not cooking what would you be doing? Blessings to you, Julie.
Nellie said…
An excellent and meaningful way to celebrate your special day.
Barb said…
What a great meal!! Good work for you and your family.
The picky ones!!!!!!! Now that is hysterical!!!!! How did you keep from *whacking* them, with a spatula?!?

My hubby thinks that you are a wonderful person and that your family is wonderful also! I showed him your post today, and he got very hungry :)

BTW...hubby has fallen in love with Teddy just as I have! We still love Echo our male 130 lb. Alaskan Malamute...he doesn't give us a choice :)
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luckybunny said…
Obviously you are spoiling them way too much! LOL what, no hollandaise sauce?? :) That is a ton of food, I cannot imagine cooking that many steaks, I'm overwhelmed with four LOL. You are my hero, I can only imagine the work that goes into that, when I cook for 6-8 I'm tired. Amazing.
I've said it before and I will say it again...YOU are an absolute Wonder Woman. The Blog Tech is fantastic too. It's obvious that you have been blessed..but you also bless others. I am one of those you smiled upon..
Not just by helping me with my wish to scrapbook, but with your heartfelt words when I lost my Sandy.
HUGE hugs to you AND your wonderful family.
annie said…
God Bless You for that!
Suzanne said…
You are such a sweet sweet spirit
Jennifer said…
People like you give me back a little hope for humanity. Thank you.
Sunnybrook Farm said…
Oh man, that must have smelled wonderful!
jody said…
I forgot to wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY yesterday! my mind has gone to the dogs!! wow what a wonderfully yummy meal you made! i love meat any kind! especially steaks! of any kind! hope you have a great birthday week! enjoy your day!!
Joy said…
Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday giving back to others! What a great experience! Wishing you much happiness in the year ahead.
I get chills almost every time you post about the shelter.

again i say, great job!

you are the shelter goddess.
chickpea678 said…
omg Joyce. You outdid yourself. And that says quite a bit!