Sun Dried Tomato Pasta recipe

 I know I've shown this before but for any of you that missed it, you should try this soon.  You can find the recipe here:

 My daughter requested that I make this so she could take it back with her.

 It is one of her most favorite pastas.

 It better be because I made a lot of it for her.

 I think she was taking some to her new job this morning.

She will have happy co-workers.  I got The Blog Tech and his father good this morning.  I told them that opening day at the ball park was cancelled due to the snow we are having.  They both almost cried.  Then I told them April Fools!  HA!!!


Nellie said…
Well, aren't you sneaky?:-) No April Fool jokes around here - yet!:-)

The pasta looks absolutely delicious!
Best of luck to your Daughter, in her New Job!!!

Ohhhhhhhh, you did get-the-guys- good! With April Fool's Day. -chuckle-

You have to make them something, to make up for that!!!! -grin-
What a great April Fools Day joke, for sure. LOL
Patty Woodland said…
Heh heh. Poor boys!

Oh by the way - I shipped you a baby goat. It should be there any time now......
Anonymous said…
He,he,he good one!

I haven't been in touch with the world today so I haven't been fooled, but there's still some time left before I go to bed :-)

Have a great day!
Anonymous said…
thats a good one! Lovely pasta dish!!
luckybunny said…
Looks so delicious, I love sun dried tomatoes. LOL about the April Fools! Too funny!
Guillaume said…
Been wanting to try that one for ages.
Barb said…
What a terrific joke!
Shame how can you be so cruel, LOL. This recipe does look good I will give it a try, thanks. Take care Diane
chickpea678 said…
That's a dastardly April Fool's joke!