Teddy and Her Cottage Cheese

Teddy gets a snack of cottage cheese every afternoon at 2:30.  And believe me, she knows when it is 2:30.  Don't ask me why, but she loves to eat things out of containers.  It was the last of the cottage cheese so I cut the container down so she could get to the dregs of the barrel.
 She dives in.

 She gets into ever nook and cranny which moves the container around.  She is under the wheel barrow.

She does not come up for air until ever curd has been slurped up.
 Mmmmm..that was good!

 Time for a little drink to wash it all down.

It rained yesterday and Teddy sat in her dry spot under her umbrella while the rain poured down all around her.


Rue said…
I never get tired of seeing Teddy and her routine. She is the sweetest. And she looks a bit like royalty, lounging under her umbrella!
Patty Woodland said…
Not a bad routine. We're to have big winds and rain today
Sandy said…
I love reading about Teddy. Cottage cheese in the pm....so cute!
Anonymous said…
that is just about the cutest thing, oh my gosh, sitting under that umbrella after chasing the cottage cheese container around, I'll trade you snow for rain!
Isn't she funny! Duke loves cottage cheese too! I swear they have little wrist watches under their hair/fur coats!
Teddy you taught me something today. I did NOT know dogs could eat cottage cheese. I LOVE it to.
Anonymous said…
So Teddy likes cottage cheese :-) My dogs like quark (especially raspberry flavored) and they behave very much like Teddy does :-) :-) :-)

Fog this morning and snowfall after that but it's too warm for the snow to stay on the ground :-)

Have a great day!
PS) That spot under the umbrella looks comfy to me too. Can you squeeze me in next to you, Teddy. It's been raining here nonstop all week. But hey, no MORE snow.
Jeez, who has the life of a princess? In my next life, I want to come back as Teddy!
Willow said…
Teddy too adorable you are!
Nellie said…
How cute of Teddy to work on that cottage cheese! I like it too!:-)
Mel Mel said…
For my Lucy, it's a yogurt container! :-)
Guillaume said…
I love cottage cheese too, in lasagna especially.
luckybunny said…
Who doesn't love cottage cheese? Teddy is one smart gal staying dry under the umbrella just waiting for the rain to stop. What a sweet picture.
lol... Sooooooo cute!!!
I love cottage cheese as much as Teddy does..on toast, on eggs..on..about everything and all alone is the best ever. Yep..so does Mele.
Teddy and Mele do have it rough, don't they?
Mel has never had it. Perhaps she should try it. :)