The Gardens and a Birthday Celebration

 My birthday is just about here and I am celebrating a different way this year.  But first, a walk through the gardens.

 I love seeing all of the new growth, but with the good comes the bad and I found that all of my new privacy arborvitaes did not make it.  I bought big (expensive) ones to get quicker privacy.  We watered them all last Summer and they looked great into the Fall.  It's just been in the last couple months that they circled the drain.

 The Service Berries are flowering.

 And the rhubarb I thought was dead is growing nicely.

 There is lots of cleanup to do here but the New Dawn roses are covering the potting shed.

 When I was planting this area, I went to nurseries and bought their unsold ferns late in the Fall.  I got really good buys and planted hundreds of ferns.  I love seeing them poking out of the ground each Spring.

 My tulips have not bloomed yet.

 There she goes.

 Tour over!

 It looks like it snowed on my lawn.  These are the flower petals from my Fall Flowering Cherry.

My husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday this year.  I told him steak.  He said, great!  I will take you out to dinner.  I said no....I want steak and lots of it!!!  So, tomorrow The Blog Tech and I will be serving the shelter grilled steaks, asparagus in browned butter, a baked potato bar with all the toppings, garlic bread (as you see above), salads with homemade ranch dressing and lots of homemade chocolate cake with vanilla icing.  Lots of baking and cooking going on here today.  I told the shelter that this was a celebration for all of the men's birthdays.


You and your family have a beautiful, loving and caring soul, Joyce. The shelter is very lucky for having people like you who really care~~~

Mystica said…
What a nice way to celebrate. Happy birthday in advance.
A steak dinner at the shelter! I wonder when was the last time that happened -- probably never. The guys will love it so much, I'm sure. Bless you for sharing your birthday with them.

Incidentally, tomorrow is Queen Elizabeth's birthday too but I doubt she'll be serving a delicious meal to people at a homeless shelter. Just goes to show, doesn't it?

You are one wonderful woman!
Patty Woodland said…
Awww, I knew that's where this was going.

Happy Birthday
Debby said…
Happy Birthday. You are one amazing giving person.
Mary said…
Happy Birthday are an amazing and caring woman.
Deb said…
You're such a sweetheart. Very glad I found your blog. Happy birthday.
Anonymous said…
That is the best birthday celebration I've ever heard of!

I really like Your garden and ferns are my favorites but hard to find here. Well, I've picked some in the forest here instead :-)

Have a great day and Happy Birth day!
Candace said…
Happy Birthday to you, Joyce! And Happy Birthday to all the fellows at the shelter - what a wonderful way to celebrate! I do hope you save a steak for yourself, too ;>)
blissfulsally said…
I love your shelter tales, and I think sharing your birthday is the most wonderful thing! To share your cooking skills, but most of all to share your love is the best present to give anyone! Thank you for all you do and have a magical birthday!
kymber said…
every time i read about your "shelter cooking tales", one thing pops in my mind...and i think it is from a tv show series called "millenium"...what an interesting show?

anyway, in one of the episodes a character tells the main character "to whom much is given...much is expected".

that sentence rings in my ears all of the time. i can never get it out of my head. i always try to live up to it because i have been given sooo very much.

i love it when i find places that that sentence quiets down. Joyce - to whom much is given, much is expected. it is sad to say that i haven't run into too many people in my life that live up to that sentence...but every time i come to your blog and you share a recipe, or a story about your family, or a story about your and your son's work at the shelter - that sentence is quieted in my mind.

you have thoroughly lived up to that quote "to whom much is given" makes me proud to know you on this interwebs!

your friend,
luckybunny said…
Well maybe I'm a little sensitive right now but this actually made me cry - not just feel like I was going to, but actually CRY! What a beautiful, loving, and kind thing to do. So special. Your heart is so big. I can pretty much picture their happy faces right now. In the last years of my life my dad was not homeless but in a place where people with mental disabilities and addictions go run by a nun. They live in little rooms and the best things those people all got was home cooked meals that were sometimes brought in. I saw all their faces light up and the joy it brought them. Most of the people there had been abandoned by their families because of their mental illnesses and/or addiction issues and it broke my heart. But such simple things gave them so much joy, and I know this must mean the world to the people at the shelter. Big hugs to you!
Anonymous said…
oh jeez, you mad me cry!!
Hard to type through tears,

Happy birthday sweet lady, you are one in a million!
Nellie said…
What a beautiful thing to do for your birthday! I wonder if all the people who come to the shelter know their own birthday date. And - did they ever have anyone who remembered it? This is an amazing treat for them.
MandaBurms said…
Happy happy birthday to you! The world is a better place with you here.

Wish I was close by to lend you a hand with your cooking shelter birthday feast - that is gonna be a lot of work. And bring a lot of joy!

Happy happy birthday to you.

Love Leanne
petoskystone said…
Happy birthday! Lovely birthday for the gents, as well :)
You are a kind & generous soul! I'll bet the shelter blesses the day you entered their shelter & more importantly, their lives!
Guillaume said…
happy birthday! And it is my birthday tomorrow.
Happy Happy Birthday girlfriend.

Leave it to you to top yourself.

A steak dinner for the shelter! You have WOW'd me once again.

May all manner of good things find you at every turn.
Happy Happy Birthday girlfriend.

Leave it to you to top yourself.

A steak dinner for the shelter! You have WOW'd me once again.

May all manner of good things find you at every turn.
Sandy said…
Happy Birthday Sweetie, I see your dreams have come true. A steak dinner for all!!! Enjoy and God Bless.
Jeri Landers said…
I just love your garden to bits! It is a perfect haven for sure. I have been planning a Flowered, green roof for a new garden shed and what do I see? You have one covered in a rose bush! A friend gave me a huge bag of ferns last year and I walked around counting the survivors this morning. My husbands birthday is next week and he also wants steak... and potatoes of course. How good of you to provide a "Birthday" for one and all!
Barb said…
What a kind and generous way to celebrate your Birthday!! Have a wonderful day and may you have many more!!
That's going to be one special day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
What a great birthday gift to all the homeless, you have a wonderful heart. Happy, happy birthday. Diane
Michele said…
Happy birthday to you and everyone!
Sandy said…
What a sweet and thoughtful help you celebrate your birthday too! What joy this must bring you. You go girl, and Happy Birthday!
Anonymous said…
Happy birthday! What an amazing and thoughtful way to celebrate your birthday.
Teddy rear end is just like Mele's only larger. She reminds me so much of Mele, even in some of her behavior. I just realized that Mele is now nine years old. That sort of set me back a bit. No, not a "bit"...a lot!
Those men in the shelter are so fortunate to have you in their lives!
When? So WHEN is your birthday exactly so I can scream and shout! :):) Today? Did I miss it? PLEASE don't make me miss it.
chickpea678 said…
Amazing. Hear, hear to all that was said before! What a love-ly way to celebrate your birthday. Have a wonderful next year!