The Outdoor Sink

I repaired the shelves and finished the sink area.
The shelves are a lot sturdier than they originally were.
And yes, someone was hurt in the repairing of these shelves.  Don't ask me why someone would stick his hand right over the area where I was drilling.  After screaming and swearing, I told him he should be happy.....he got screwed.

The fun part is the decorating.  Click for a closer look.

You can see my small arborvitaes growing against the fence.  The old ones died and I am determined to block out this ugly fence so I planted these fast growing ones.

Now I just need to get the water turned on.  I use this sink a lot!
All of the daffodils are now blooming.

Teddy goes down to the lower pond for a drink.

She is trying to drink the fish.
More daffodils blooming between the Paper Bark Maples.

Haha..this is how the shelter now announces my food.  Click to enlarge.


The Jammie Girl said…
I've really enjoyed reading about all the dishes you've cooked for the shelter. You have such a generous heart :) Beverly would have LOVED to see that sign! I can practically hear her cackling laughter.
Suzanne said…
I know how thankful they are to have you.
HappyCrone said…
if I believed in heaven I would say there is a special place waiting for you there (in the far far future)but since I don't, I think you are bringing a little heaven to the shelter.
MandaBurms said…
Loved seeing your photos of your sink. And those wind chimes it must sound magical!
The shelter folk must sure love you!
Love Leanne
Julie said…
You have a lovely place. I enjoy the photos of your house, yard, Teddy, and all those wonderful recipes you share with us.
Patty Woodland said…
I love it! You are now famous!

I hope the owie heals quickly
Anonymous said…
you are an angel for those homeless people , honestly Joyce you truly are, too bad about the injury, that looks very painful, ouch!
Oh and I can see why you use that sink, thats a wonderful addition to your yard, I used to have to scoop water out of the lake to water my garden and wash buckets!!!
Had to laugh about the you've been screwed remark. One way to stop him in his tracks from bellyaching too much. LOVE your sink area.
Anonymous said…
I do like that sink area! Always have.

Well one has to count on some injuries while working with tools :-) I hope it doesn't hurt too mmuch any longer.

I guess the homeless likes to see Your name on that manue :-)

Cute Teddy never stops hoping a for a fish or two while drinking in that pond :-) :-) :-)

Have a great day!
Betty said…
It looks great! I'm sorry someone got hurt, but oops! your dog is beautiful too.
I know the shelter guys must love to see the word "Joyce's" preceding the menu item!
Guillaume said…
Teddy is so cute talking to the fish. Always lovely to see pictures on your blog.
jody said…
hi Joyce, love the olive chz bread too. last night i made your sausage/peppers YUM! im having left overs today! looks like you are getting lots done outside already and you and teddy are enjoying being outside! i cant wait! it is snowing but we are on the edge i think. duluth/minneapolis is getting dumped on... to funny seeing your cooking on the menue board!! enjoy your day!!
cl said…
May I please come sit in your yard?
Sunnybrook Farm said…
I have an old sink but haven't hooked it up yet, it is such a good idea to have an outdoor sink in the summer.
Nellie said…
You have really been busy! Do you ever stop?:-) That is a neat way the shelter has to post your menu.
OMG I laughed so hard over the screwed comment! The cheese bread looks amazing! Love your garden too! Spent two hours a night for the past two nights in our garden after work and love it!
Barb said…
I love the way you decorate your sink area! You are definitely becoming famous at the shelter!