Time to Plant

 This is the potting tables happiest time of year.  And this is what allows me to finally let go of winter...sniff, sniff.

 Teddy is enjoying her green grass.

 I've been hitting the garden centers.

 And am surprised on a regular basis about the things showing up in the mail.  Not only do I not remember what I ordered in the dead of winter....I can't remember where I thought I was planting these either.

 Grapes and blackberries. And roses from Aldi which were on sale for 2.29 a bush.  I just couldn't pass that up!

The pots are coming out of the garage and need to be cleaned out and then I can plant them!


Patty Woodland said…
I can't wait 'til I get my berries in. I know I won't see fruit THIS year but it's just so exciting!

I would love roses but somehow caging them defeats the purpose
Green, pretty and growing...so inviting.

We are still melting snow after we got dumped on again two days ago!!!
How I long!
A bit too early to plant anything here yet but I'll start bringing up plants and trees from the cool cellar this weekend. We still have lots of frost inn the mornings though so I'll have to protect them with some kind of cover during nights.

They never have anything on sale here during spring and they never keep those low prices they do on Your side of the ocean. I think I might save a lot of money if I bought a ticket and got my plants from the USA :-)

Have a great day!
It must be like Christmas every day at your house when the parcel carrier comes, LOL!
Laurie said…
looks wonderful and sounds even better!!!Send me some spring please,
Nellie said…
Sounds like you have plans for a lovely garden!
We had sleet and snow flurries yesterday here. Too cold to plant anything. I just use containers to set about. LOVE the rose bushes from ALDIs that you got. Going to have to check that out.
Ellen in Oregon said…
Ahhhh! Nothing like the smell of a freshly ripped open bag of potting soil. I'm sure you will find just the right spots for everything. I try to have paper & pen by the computer so as I order I can keep track of what's been ordered. Now, hanging on to the list for months is another matter. Better to save the seeds/plants to a computer file now that I think about it. This year I am have promised myself not too buy too many plants like I usually do. I forget that the little flowers will be overflowing baskets by June.
Have fun & soon you will not miss your snow at all.
luckybunny said…
Things are really starting to come alive!
Barb said…
Looks like a very happy garden season at your house!
I miss Winter too...and in California it is so fleeting that I cherish every single moment of it. I love the cozy feeling..however..every day now finds me playing with my little Fairy garden. Today..a tiny garden tool set arrived, a tiny hump back metal trunk (to be planted..or to put the garden tools in..blue ocean glass..the kind that is gathered at the waters edge, and so on...
Those pots of yours are wonderful..
I had to enlarge so I could get a really good look at them.
It looks like a ton of work ahead of you..but you are young still. :)
By all the plants...your pots are going to be glorious.
What a great price for roses. I only bought the one this year so far and it was $15 on sale. But..I REALLY wanted it.
What a GREAT yard you have..a paradise for Teddy!!
It's planting time there! Hooray!

We may get some spring snow today, so he hasn't really done much. But he is getting ready to start seedlings, inside. We have a couple of upstairs, very sunny windows. Where he can put a cookie tray full of them. :-))))))))

Yeah, he is really, really, really into starting from seeds. :-)