A Late Spring Frost

 Last night I tucked my gardens in before I went to bed.  It went down to 33 degrees and I was not taking any chances.  I've planted 30 tomato plants and it just was not worth the risk.

 First thing this morning, I headed down to see how the lower garden fared. The Mock Oranges opened a bit overnight.

 Time to clean and decorate the outdoor dining room. I put one of my garden totems on the table.  Click for a closer look.

 I covered the lower garden with newspaper.  I am leaving it like this until tomorrow.  There is another chance of a frost tonight.

 More roses opened too.

 The 'New Dawns' on the shed will bloom pink and it is always beautiful how they look mixed in with the reds.

 Everything came through last night in good shape.

I'll check it again tomorrow and maybe the Mock Oranges will be wide open by then.


Patty Woodland said…
We have the possibility of snow tonight so you know exactly what the hubby will be doing!

Glad everything came through OK
Anonymous said…
the extra precautions were well worth your while! I loved when you said you tucked them in for the night, :)
Thats such a lovely totem!
Nellie said…
Good for you with taking precautions in case of frost! We had a late frost here one year that damaged the local fruit crops. Your gardens are looking really nice!
The Happy Whisk said…
Cold here but also, kind of nice.
Love visiting your garden!!!

Glad you listened to frost warning and covered.

Here, we are in a week of rain. Then a nicer week is due. Giving time to cut grass and pull weeds. -grin-
Anonymous said…
Good that You covered everything! We had a warm night after the previous night when it fell down to 26,6 here. They haven't warned for frost tonight but the sky is clear so it might come again.

My mock oranges have buds but I guess it will take at least a week or more until they open up.

Have a great day!
Brrr! Frost. I hope you do not lose anything.
you will always be glad you covered, when in doubt, cover.
luckybunny said…
It snowed yesterday here! :( But no frost, somehow we avoided it. Oy, it's too late for frosting, unless it's on a cupcake!
Guillaume said…
Since the beginning of May it has been feeling more like autumn than spring here.
Barb said…
We had a few nights like that too! I can't wait for the mock orange to bloom. Love that smell!
I smiled when I saw this. I did the exact same thing using cloths pins! stuck a stake in the ground and wrapped sheets around the poles closing loosely at the bottom with the pins. I didn't lose any plants..but once that happens..you don't forget it.
Seeing things laying there..some actually turning black...horrible!!
p.s. What's with our weather???