A Teddy Tour

Teddy is ready to check out the lower gardens.

As soon as I open the gate, she checks out every square inch.

Soon the creek will be flowing and the waterfalls will fill the ponds.

All of the trees are leafing out.

Teddy is like a large puff ball that collects all the blossoms which are falling from the trees.  She is always covered with them.

She is standing by the poppies I just planted.

I love the way the hostas unfurl.

This is a job waiting to be done.  It will take several days to clean up this area.

The weeping beech is opening.

My blackberry patch which I am just about to add to.

The fothergilla are blooming.

I should have trimmed these katsuras before they opened.

My Swiss chard is spreading and out of control.

The witch weathervane.

And a closeup of the new bat weathervane.

My espaliered apple is beginning to bloom.

I still have lots to do!


Your creek.... Does it run to you, from far away from your land? Meaning, is it a real creek? Like out in the country? :-)

Whatever... Your gardens are magical.
Jeri Landers said…
Everything is looking lovely. I am going to try the Espaliered fruit tree and yours are already producing fruit>! idea. I love the look of it and have done my research, it is simply a matter of Where to place it.
TEDDY thanks for the tour. Everything is coming along nicely. It looks mystical there.
Your garden is just fantastic. I would like a creek too but my garden is rather flat so it wouldn't work especially well I think.

Nothing is green here yet but we reached 61 today and it will become warmer by the day here for a while :-)

Have a great day!
Patty Woodland said…
So nice not to have to fence everything...heh
I like your new bat weathervane. Goes well with the witch one!
Laurie said…
beautiful photos , no green here but it did reach 60 degrees today!
Thank you for this wonderful and magickal visit today...I do love your yard and those darling "witchy" touches!!!

Of course Teddy is always adorable :)
Laura said…
your garden is beautiful. no matter how much i do, there is still so much to be done, but i love it, don't you?

ps...give Teddy a hug for me!
Tell Teddy, "good job!" The gardens are marvelous, enchanting every step of the way.
luckybunny said…
Your place is just gorgeous, I like the world magnolia used "enchanting" it fits what I was thinking. Thanks Teddy for the tour!
Willow said…
Fabulously beautiful stroll !
Claudia Turgut said…
You have a huge garden, Joyce! And you obviously just love Teddy!!! Good luck with all yr gardening projects!
greekwitch said…
Oh your spring gardens are beautiful. Truly enchanting!
What beautiful and relaxing gardens! Lots of work, but so worth it!!! Thanks for the tour Teddy!!!