A Walk in the Garden at Sunrise

Cecilia is posting views from people's back porches on her blog.  It's lots of fun to see the different views from all over the world. You can check it out here:  http://thekitchensgarden.com/   This was the view yesterday from my kitchen window.  My back porch view is blocked by trees.  You can submit a view from your back porch on her blog.

I bought my husband a birdhouse for his birthday and he mounted it on an old tree trunk by the upper pond.

My gazebo is under there.  The Weeping Beech has produced a limb that acts like a curtain in front of the entrance to it.

The dogwoods are still blooming.

That is a Mock Orange over the waterfall.  I will take pics when it opens.

The hostas and ferns are bigger than Teddy.

I love the way they collect the rain water.  Click for a closer look.

This is a future project.  The faux bois under that brown tarp is crumbling and needs to be repaired.  I bought the Quikcrete and will try to repair it.

Some different fern color.

A view from the middle pond to the top.

Moss on the crossing stone.

The vegetable garden is filling in. 

My puny little corn patch.

When I planted these gardens, I planted lots of roses.  I lost lots of roses too.  The ones that survived are hardy and are about to put on quite a show.

I am anxious to see how my zucchini do this year.  I plant them each year but something eats the blossoms.  I think I have a groundhog somewhere.

The potting shed is covered in 'New Dawn' roses and will soon be spectacular.  I have carpenter bees drilling holes in my shed.  Does anyone else have them and how do you handle them?

I am hoping to get cucumbers to grow up this trellis so I can make lots of pickles.

Future tomatillas.

Teddy and I make this trek each morning just as the sun comes up.  We always feed the fish before we go back to the main house. The fish are now about a foot long.

Rain on the ladies mantle.

Teddy always beats me back to the top.  I always stop to weed.  Teddy doesn't weed too much!

The first Clematis of the season.

This is one of the flower beds I planted last year.  Most of the perennials came back. Hope you enjoyed the walk.


Anonymous said…
my my what a beautiful place, almost mystical magical, I LOVE ferns, you have lovely ferns,
Suzanne said…
I did enjoy the walk.....thank you
Patty Woodland said…
It looks like a rain forest!
Anonymous said…
So beautiful! Looks like a rain forest and gardens are always most beautiful at sunrise I think.

No carpenter bees here, only carpenter ants and they are no joy either :-) I hate it when I see one of those giant ants close to my cottage but so far soo good!

Have a great day!
Lovely! Our clematis is getting ready to flower too.
always magical...

Just read about carpenter beeeeees. but for got where! this cold has me spaced out. well, the news meds do.

oh i so hope you get an answer on this. your shed is so wonderful. it can't be messed with by bees!!!!
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This comment has been removed by the author.
once again, I had great fun walking through your garden!
TEDDY'S job is to look adorable at all times. It's hard work. LOVING that bird house on top of the tree trunk.
Nellie said…
Lovely, lovely walk! The mock orange reminds me of my grandmother. She always had that blooming, and I loved it. I had forgotten about it. Perhaps I will go in search of some to set out here.
Kacey said…
Good God! You live in Eden! It's astounding. I couldn't imagine waking to such beauty every day.
chickpea678 said…
It's beautiful Joyce. What a wonderland you have created. I planted clematis three years ago and it's finally gotten a good foothold. I thought I had gotten two purple plants but one is burgundy!
Barb said…
The walk was just beautiful!! I love seeing your gardens. They are always magnificent.
What is so fascinating is that with all that beautiful growth, there is still enough sun to grow gardens! I think I saw a Japanese Maple..did I? Erin bought me one for Mothers Day and wants me to keep it potted. There is a story here that I will tell you later. :)
It has such a delicate leaf..and the description says they grow to ten ft. tall and ten ft wide. Yours look large from what I can see of it.
NO place to plant it is another problem. With all the tree's we have planted, we won't see daylight if we live to see them grown. :)
What a wonderful world you have created, Joyce. Of course I enjoyed my walk with you.
All the daughters are after me to plant the Clematis..which is what you suggested. I think I shall do that!
luckybunny said…
A beautiful walk to take each morning! Just beautiful. Love the corn patch :)
Anonymous said…
Enjoyed the tour! Pets are like that, not much help with weeding!