A Walk Through the Spring Gardens

 Some of my most favorite trees are Japanese maples. It is hard to tell from this photo but this tree is about 15 feet wide.

 I am still planting the veggie garden.  I put my celery in yesterday.  Celery is one of my most favorite things to grow.  Do you grow it too?

 A new weathervane. This one is a crescent moon with three bats attached and one dangling.

 I transplanted my chives from the raised bed to nondescript areas of the garden.  I hope they make it!  They were spreading too much in the raised bed and it was time to move them.

 Someone tell me again how I am supposed to like dandelions.  I keep forgetting.


MandaBurms said…
wow that is a brilliant dandelion patch! Very good for you too.
I've given up growing celery - one plant that just does not grow for me.
Anonymous said…
I love maples and I got very happy when I saw that at least two different species that I sowed two year ago now germinates :-) Japanese maples though isn't hardy enough fo this area.

Celery is one of few vegatables I tend to avoid :-) But I have chives and they'll make it anywhere no matter what :-)

I do like that weathervane!

Have a great day!
Zimbabwe said…
We only have a Canadian maple but I also love it. The deep colour leaves always look spectacular. Keep well Diane
Dandelions wouldn't get such a bad rap if they weren't so darned PROLIFIC!
What a paradise! Your flower bowl are lovely and even lovlier is the price! Good job, Joyce!
Teddy and her umbrella spot..:):)
We have HIGH winds today and all the umbrella's had to come down..and even then one crashed over! Ah well, I tried.
Never tried growing celery. I'll just watch yours grow..and share the pictures with DIL!
Deb said…

Well...as a herbalist I can tell you that dandelions are our friends. Their bitter leaves are mildly diuretic and very nutritious. The bitterness is just what we need in the spring to get our livers going after all the Winter carbs. The root is tinctured to make good medicine for the digestive system. The flowers can be used to make wine. So kiss a dandelion today!
Patty Woodland said…
Sounds like you are making dandelion whine.
Ha Patty!
I am a dandie liker too. How bout adding the greens to your salads?
So good for you!
Anonymous said…
beautiful gardens!
Here's how you like dandelions

Willow said…
I gather the danelions to feed the tortoises, and they keep our mini horses tummies in order ... so perhaps you just need a tortoise and a miniature horse to make you appreciate them :) Hee hee
Lovely garden you have started .LOVE the half moon weathervane
Be Well
Nellie said…
I love Japanese maple trees! Wish I had one. Maybe we are supposed to work on developing a like for dandelions. They certainly do not disappoint us year after year, seem to flourish in the driest of conditions while other things fail, and there they are - back again! Mowing doesn't even discourage them!

We've never tried to grow celery, but that certainly does sound interesting. I hope your garden will do well.
I am crazy in love with your weathervane. GORGEOUS.
Guillaume said…
Lovely garden.
cl said…
Dandelions are delicious - but once thy begin to flower - not so much. When I was little my Dad would go down to the local park and pick (read dig out) dandelions and bring home bags full. We eat them as salad with radishes, onions salt and pepper. We just used vinegar and oil. If it was close to Easter we would also slice some hard-boiled egg on too (to use up the colored eggs).
I always enjoy photos of your yard so much, Joyce and I love that Japanese Maple tree...gorgeous!!!

Sorry my friend, but I happen to think that Dandelions are beautiful. When I lived in Melrose Park, IL., then known as "Little Italy", my best friend's mother used to pick them and make salads and Dandelion wine. I just love a yellow field of them :)
Barb said…
A local garden expert just did an entire article about the wonders of dandelions. She( Anne Lovejoy FYI) says it is just our preoccupation with grass that prevents us from loving those pretty yellow flowers!! My DH(Yard man) does not agree. I love your new weather vane!!!!
I love your Spring Garden. I really think it is beautiful.

We have a Japanese Maple out front here. They are very, very, very pretty.

Dandelions... Well, they are kind of pretty. A nice bright, bright yellow. And even when they turn into puff-balls (of more seeds -sigh-), they are kinda' cute too.

'Course, at the rate yours are going, that area will be ALLLLL yellow or puff-balls, soon. -giggggles- So I guess you'd better learn to love 'em. Soon! -chuckle-
luckybunny said…
Gorgeous and please send me the dandelions, I will make wine and give the leftovers (dandelions not wine) to the rabbits and goats! ;)
It's all so beautiful! Teddy is the cherry on top! :)
If you tell me you don't have a gardener..never..ever, I think I will just plain throw up my hands and address you as SUPER WOMAN JOYCE! :) I know you have the tree's trimmed..but that's a lot of yard to keep weedless although...you DO seem to stay on top of it and that's the secret.

I have this little old yard (just came in from spading a strip of flower bed, and I am half just all tuckered out! LOL
It's looking just fantastic, Joyce. Your blog is a favorite getaway for me..
Love to you,
P.S. The WEATHERVANE! It is exactly the one I picked out..(probably not) that I want SO badly, but PH won't let me have it on our rooftop. Yes, I could put it in the backyard..but I want a rooftop weathervane! WHY does he have to care what the neighbors think! Sheesh!