Gardening Clothes

My daughter bought me this great apron with my initials on it for Mother's Day.  The pockets are suede and the apron is canvas.  I love it.
I bought some of these Chilly Towels to use while gardening.
I also got this great pair of gardening pants.
These knee pads slide into pockets on the front of the pants to make kneeling more comfortable.
They have brackets to hang tools on and all kinds of pockets to hold all of your tools.  I got matching gardening socks too.  These dry quickly when you get them wet.
The pants and socks came from Garden Girl. Surprisingly, good gardening pants are hard to find.
    Blogger is playing with me again so these are out of order.  Here is a closeup of the Chilly Towel.  You can google these to find them online.  


Patty Woodland said…
Perfect mother's day gifts for you. I love the gardening pants. I wonder if they make them for men? I will have to google
What wonderful gifts! I have a feeling they will get lots of use! Happy Mother's Day to you and happy gardening!
Anonymous said…
I once got an apron made of leather and it's so hard that I can't use it :-) :-) :-) Looks good though :-)

I really should buy some knee pads too or one of those stools that can be used in two ways, either to sit on or turned around where it's padded and use it as a knee pad. Had one in my garden center and I guess it still is there :-)

Have a great day!
Anonymous said…
you are the best dressed gardener around! really like the knee pad inserts, much better than dragging around an old cushion, which I do!I did have my old dog trained to bring it with us from spot to spot but he passed on I had to do it myself
Perfect gifts for the perfect and terrific gardener!!!

Happy Mother's Day!!!
Those are great gifts for The Gardener! My Rare One gardens and does outside work in her oldest, rattiest rags -- her "yard clothes," she calls them. They have holes, rips and tatters in the most unflattering places, LOL!
Dog Trot Farm said…
What a wonderful Mother's Day Gift, this is right up my alley ...I'm off to check out the Garden Girl web site...I sure would like a pair of gardening pants, my fifty year old knees could benefit from a little comfort! Happy Mother's Day, Julie.
Loving those pants. Very nice. And so is the apron.
Willow said…
Looks like you are ready for some serious gardening now! I have been loving being in the garden all day today, the humminbirds we're great company.
Nellie said…
It would seem that you are now all equipped for a top-notch gardening season! Happy Mother's Day!
luckybunny said…
You are well equipped! Great pants and love the apron.
Farm Friendly said…
WOw! I love the apron ! I need some knee pads too! LOL!
Barb said…
I'm impressed! You are all set for garden work!
Anonymous said…
Such great gifts and so practical and beautiful at the same time !!
Have a wonderful day.
Super great! For the Mom Gardner!
jody said…
wow, great garden needs! love them!! you are all set!