The climbing hydrangeas have climbed up to the roof.  There are clematis mixed in with them.

 The phlox is still blooming.

 When Teddy climbs the steps from the lower gardens, she takes off with a blast. Click for a closer look.

 Then she slows down and rests a bit.

 Then sets off with another blast.

 She always rests before crossing the creek.

 And then slowly climbs the last steps.  I don't blame her.  I am up and down these all day long and they are a real workout.

 The sweet woodruff is blooming.

 And the ferns continue to fill out.

Teddy likes her upper garden best.  I have been working on a big dinner for the shelter tomorrow.  I have been getting up before sunrise and I go out and organize everything for planting.  I start planting before the sun comes up and it is wonderful.  It's cool and breezy and totally enjoyable.  I can plant and work on the gardens for several hours before I start cooking.  I planted 100 strawberry plants, hummingbird vines, clematis, eggplants, tomatoes, yarrow and rhubarb this morning. Please planting gods send me rain.  We have no rain in the forecast for at least another week.


Anonymous said…
don't tell Teddy this but sometimes I can't tell her back from her front!

You are one busy woman, 100 strawberry plants, wow!!!
I see strawberry short cake in the future for the fella's at the shelter!
Patty Woodland said…
The phlox is just gorgeous. Mmmm, strawberries. We are waiting for more plants to arrive so we can plant as well.
So much beauty in one space...I love your home and the gorgeous grounds that surround it~~~
Anonymous said…
Your garden looks wonderful!
I've tried humminbird vines here but they might survive a mild winter but not a normal one here, our summers are too short and cool I'm afraid.

Teddy has so much more to patrol than my dogs has :-)

Have a great day!
Barbara F. said…
You are one amazing woman. I wish I could get up before dawn and get things accomplished. Can't wait to see pix of the special dinner for the shelter. You are their true Angel of Hospitality. xo
Robin Larkspur said…
Hi Joyce!!! Belated birthday greetings, first of all. I have spent a while here catching up with your posts! I truly envy all the gardening you are doing. I am unable to do much of anything other than be at the hospital right now. Hopefully soon I can at least get some containers done.
I LOVE your rucksack, what a great idea for the farmer's market. All you need is a jaunty hat!
The posts about Teddy always crack me up, sitting in the tiny dry spot on the patio, wandering around with that big ole bone, woofing at the big puppies!!! LOL, what a girl. As always it is such a joy to read your posts and all your goings-on. Your birthday celebration dinner at the shelter was awesome!!! Hi to the Blog Tech, and I hope your daughter is enjoying her new job!! Hugs, Joyce!!!!
Yikes, you are a busy, busy, gal! I'm up at 5:45 everyday and I can't wait until school ends so I can sleep till 7:00!!! LOL!!!

What is the large black cover in the last photo?
Nellie said…
We would gladly send you some of this rain we are having! We are more than eleven inches above our average rainfall for this time in the year. Our garden spot is still too wet to till for planting.
Phlox and woodruff! What magical little names!
You can have our rain. Sending it your way. Love all the stairs in your gardens. But I wouldn't want to climb them with my knees.
Rue said…
Oh the phlox! It's amazing to see everything so green - it seems like just last week you were covered in snow! Wishing showers for you & the gardens.
Aisha said…
Every time you show us your garden I'm thrown like HOLY Crap it's huge!!! I wish for you some serious rain to help those 100 plants grow
I have to laugh. I cleared my puny little flower bed of grass and weeds and thought I had done a GREAT thing. I DID rise early's getting hot here so have to start early. And you are planting HOW many strawberry plants? :) I won't be recovered from my little garden battle for a week. I am SUCH a weakling!! :)
Tell Teddy, Mele is SOOO jealous!
Birgit said…
Magical garden -- love it (and Teddy!). :)
Hope you get some of this rain we have gotten practically every day for a month! Just not as much! Wish I could still do all that you do-alas those days are gone....
luckybunny said…
So gorgeous and I know, no rain here yet either :( Everything is already dry and we need rain soo badly. I pray we get it. I've been doing the rain dance! At least I think that's what I've been doing! ;)