Grumpy Puppy

A damp day in the garden.  I just bought this cute bee skip cloche. I am not sure where I will use it yet.
Teddy is never happy when it is damp outside.

She searches the yard trying to find a dry spot.  Her umbrella was cranked closed because of high winds so her normal dry spot went missing.

When she does slow down, she only sits.  She does not want a wet belly.

Still searching, she wanders the entire yard.

The rain helped the planters.  I can't wait for this one to cascade.

I am still adding to the potted garden.

Since the winds died down, I put the umbrella back up.

However, Teddy seems pissed that her dry spot is slightly damp.

And the search continues.  Grumpy puppy.


Anonymous said…
I believe Teddy is a true Diva in every sense of the word!!lol,
Being damp isn't comfortable. Poor TEDDY. LOVE the bee skip cloche.
She may be grumpy but she is cute!
Anonymous said…
I soo understand Teddy :-)It's awful when sitting down on a damp place.

Have a great day!
Patty Woodland said…
I wouldn't want a wet belly either....
Nellie said…
Poor Teddy! She just wanted to enjoy a good Friday!:-)
MandaBurms said…
Your garden is stunning - I'm loving seeing soo many photos.
Miss Sandra said…
Teddy is simply precious and your garden is absolutely lovely. I do hope the weather clears up and Teddy can enjoy the garden once again.
Blissful Tidings,
1st Man said…
I covet your garden area. ANd especially that table. Just lovely!!

Oh and Teddy is a-dor-a-ble. Grumpy or not, ha!
The Happy Whisk said…
She does not want a wet belly, too funny. And true.
Well, I would be seriously "grumpy" too if I couldn't find a dry place to sit my fanny down without getting it all wet. Fur sure!!
I always love the garden visits.

Teddy is a hoot.
luckybunny said…
Oh poor Teddy. Grumpy or not, she's adorable. The garden is beautiful, I always enjoy these pictures so much. I feel almost like I am there in person :)
jody said…
well its been pouring for 2 days now here and Sally girl wanted to go for a walk in the rain sooo off we went. i did have an umbrella tho. poor lil teddy hopefully she wasnt grabby for long!