I Hate Mother's Day

I picked my first strawberry!

Happy Mother's Day to all of you who do like it.  My mom died when I was young and Mother's Day has always been a bummer for me.  I had no grandmother's.  My mother was an only child and I was never close to my dad's sisters.  When I was in school, the teachers made us make presents for our mothers and it was always weird to have to work on something and then have no one to give it to.  It is very strange growing up without a mother.

Appreciate your mothers while you have them!


Anonymous said…
I am so sorry to hear this. It is very hard of the teachers to let you make presents for M'Day. They knew you didn't have a mother, I think this is very sad. They should have known and given you special support and somthing else to do.
Anonymous said…
thats so sad,
the strawberry among the eggs is beautiful though,
Raven said…
Sorry to hear it's been so rough on you.
Patty Woodland said…

How did it taste?
Very sad to force a child to make something for a mother who was not there. sorry for your pain on this day.
Sandy said…
How very sad for you! Happy Mother's Day to you now since you are a Mom.
MandaBurms said…
((hugs))) teachers just don;t always think do they. Plus all the media makes it very hard.

I'm also not a fan of mothers day - my first mum abandoned me and my 2nd mum I am not close to. Now I'm a mum I get to focus on what being a mum and a good mum is and how it's such a joy.
Even though you lost your mom at a young age, the time you did spend with her must have been wonderful and made a lasting impression. Look at what a wonderful mom you turned out to be. Your kids adore you. They say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
I'm not big on Mother's Day either. Not big on any of these "duty-or-society-says-one-has-to-do-something-days." :-)

Just another way, in which I march to a different drummer. -grin-

A strawberry! Hoooray!
Anonymous said…
I don't like it either much as my daughters were always with my ex-husband and his wife got all their made gifts, by the time they were old enough to do it themselves.. Mother's Day had become a nothing kind of day.
So Happy Sunday to you and me.
John'aLee said…
Oh your post made me tear up my friend! I just cannot imagine your pain. Sending you tons of love and hugs today from one mom to another!
Sandra said…
But you ARE the bright berry among the cookie cutter eggs. That's what I like about you. Your deep pain and sorrow has helped you produce a brillant berry heart. :o)
Sweet and tart, giving and loving.

Try and have a good day.
John Gray said…
That photo is so surreal

Chin up
Barb said…
Our Pastor talked about the many mixed feeling folks have on Mother's Day!! My son is causing lots of pain right now so it is not just smiles and be happy. I worked in my garden and that made me happy plus I do have a sweet daughter. Enjoy that strawberry!!
Cynthia Myers said…
My mom passed when I was 14 and my sister 10. Each year we celebrate by giving each other a Mothers Day gift.
This year, like most years there is a big Art fair that we got to and we each pick out something and buy it for the other. Something that we normally would think was too frivolous.
Sorry that it's such a bad day for you. :( I wish you had someone to take you out and buy you something frivolous too.
luckybunny said…
OK first of all, I get your point completely since I also lost my mom young and it sucks. I don't mind the day though, surprisingly. It was hard for a long time but now it's not so bad for me. I just do something that reminds me of her in a happy way. I love your last line, drives me crazy when people complain about their mothers for stupid reasons, I wish I had mine every single day too. Sometimes you don't realize what you have until you don't have it, and you can't make those people figure that out.

Secondly, whoohoo a strawberry! :)
Sorry to hear this day carries sad memories for you, Joyce.
Dog Trot Farm said…
I am so sorry to learn your mother passed when you were such a young child. It must have been and continues to be very difficult. I can't even imagine. Sending hugs from Maine, Julie.
Barbara F. said…
I think your mom is always with you in spirit. And you are a wonderful mom to your son, daughter and fur baby. xo
Since I have no children, Mother's Day is a a very awkward celebration for me.
Carole said…
Happy Mothers' Day to one who mothers at the shelter by
providing all that wonderful nourishing and nurturing food to those who need it!
Farm Friendly said…
HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO YOU. I hated it when I was little too. My mother was not in my life and I had to make stuff for her anyway.
I was fortunate enough to have a wonderful Mother. Mother's Day is nice, but there are lots of things that can get in the way of it ALL being flowers and love. LOTS of things.
That you grew up to have such a mothering nature is a fantastic thing. You dote on your children..folks you have never met (me haveing been included!) and as Carole says, feeding nourishing food to folks who depend on a shelter to feed them.
As a little one, I can only imagine how you must have felt during the times in school you describe! I know there are many who lived through such times and it's sad. Those who have terrible mothers.
Whatever the case, YOU deserve to be honored..so take joy in Mother's Day...it belongs to women like you, Joyce!
This Mother's Day had a shadow cast over it...the sadest one I have ever had. Everyone tried..and I was so grateful.

Anonymous said…
Dammit I lost my comment, I shall write again in a minute when I gathered my wits! I hate it when that happens.. I hope i don't routinely lose them! celi
Anonymous said…
OK I am back, i have my morning coffee now, any way, your comment on my blog the other day has been haunting me. Especially when you wrote, "i guess i never really got over it.." your mother dying so suddenly when you were only nine. For what it is worth i think you do not need to get over it. You are living with it. you have overcome it and grown into a graceful adulthood obviously beautiful and clever and wonderful in as many ways as your mother would have wished you to be. It is actually a part of the foundations you stand on as an adult. So I say ! I Love that you Hate Mothers Day! Good job! So you should! I hope you had a lovely UnMothers day.. c
Jo said…
I'm so sorry. And you don't need to get over anything. There's a quote, something along the lines of, "I guess we never get over it. We just learn to live with it and move on." (Terrible paraphrasing there, apologies!) I hate mother's day too. I lost my daughter the day before mother's day 14 years ago. It's a hellacious week for me. I try to put on a good face for my mom but I can't wait for mother's day to be over with so I can breathe again. (She's never liked mother's day either, though I don't know why, so it's never been the best day in our family).