Memorial Day Weekend

 I went down to the lower gardens this morning to see how my plants were doing and to feed the fish. They are hungry little buggers.

 On the way back up, I stopped to look at the lily pads in the top pond. Their blooms are one of my favorite flowers.

 Suddenly, a beast appeared in the bushes.

 A big grunting, snorting beast.

 Teddy galloping up the steps.

 She was moving fast.

 Be careful on that stepping stone little girl.

 She managed it very well.

 Once up top she checks her yard.

 Yes, I am blogging about you again my pup.

 Belladonna is growing everywhere this year.

 Teddy checks all the 'bad kitty' hiding places.

Sorry pup, no bad kitties today.


Patty Woodland said…
I wonder what would happen if she ever met a good kitty?
Teddy was positively a BLUR!
Anonymous said…
It's so fun how we name plants in different parts of the world. What You call Belladonna we call bitter sweet and what You call Bitter sweet we call night shade. Our Belladonna looks completely different but is a relative to both the night shade and the bitter sweet :-) :-) :-)

Sune would love that pool :-) I think he managed to make a hole in the rubber carpet last time he jumped in to the pond, a bit annoying but I really can't be angry since he loves to take a bath and he didn't know he wasn' allowed to bathe there :-)

Have a great day!
Guillaume said…
How big is your garden?
I was thinking the same thing. Have you ever met a GOOD kitty Teddy?
Oh, you could take me on a tour of your gardens, every day!!!

Love water lilies.

Also love Bella Donna, which was trying to grow around the pool area. Where all the 'Grands' swim. And Gabe was just a baby.

We discovered it can be dangerous... And he was too young to be sure he'd not grab some and stick it in his mouth, as little ones are wont to do.

So we dug it out. -sigh- And what a carpet, it had laid out, for itself!!!!!! It really wanted to live, with me!!!!! ,-)

It always intrigues me, that in olden times, ladies used to put it in their eyes, making them dilate. Which must have been sexy looking then. ,-) Thus the name "Bella Donna."
Barb said…
What a wonderful property guard!!
Rue said…
Oooh - the belladonna is gorgeous!

Go, Teddy go! Find those bad kitties!
luckybunny said…
I wondered what kind of big furry creature that was showing up in your gardens!! So relieved it was just Teddy :) Gorgeous as ever. I'll be over to visit shortly!
Britt-Arnhild said…
What a lovely lower garden you have. How I would LOVE to have a small pond :-)
I never cease to marvel at the lushness of your rambling garden. Teddy know her job.
Such a beautiful, dreamy, and magickal place to have as your it!