Papa's Perfect Honey Butter Toast

 When I was a little girl my grandfather, Papa, lived with us.  He was very big on breakfast and he loved honey and butter toast.  To this day I still make it the same way he did and it always reminds me of him. Back in those days most people used margarine but not Papa, he only used butter.

 I made a couple Pullman loaves of bread which are perfect for toast.

 Papa used an old toaster and the bread needed to be removed and turned around to toast both sides.  This is the toaster I use.

 You can watch your bread toasting.

 I toast my bread to medium.

 Then spread on good Italian Parma butter.

 Then I spread it with a good local honey.  You know, it is good to use different local honeys to combat allergies!


 You can see it browning.

Done.  So simple but so very good.


Kacey said…
Delicious! And as I sit here sniffing from aggravated allergies, I appreciate the reminder about local honey :-)
kymber said…
that toast looks delicious! and i am glad that you have such fond memories of Papa. for anyone interested, if you really want to build up immunity to a variety of sicknesses - consume varies local honey that is unpasteurized - you lose the immunity-building components during pasteurization.

your friend,
Anonymous said…
what a wonderful memory, and that is one sexy toaster wow, that must be the Cadillac of toast making!!
Anonymous said…
A bit too sweet for me I'm afraid. But I love honesy and it contains so many good bacteria that helps us with lots of different diseases! But one must be careful not to heat it up too much so the bacteria dies.

I used to have one of those old toasters and I wish I still had it, most modern ones aren't that great to be honest, the one I have now is actually pure crap :-) I like the one You have though, wonder if I can find any similar over here?

Have a great day!
Patty Woodland said…
What a delightful memory!
Avalonschild said…
I have a very severe allergy to raw honey :( so can never experience the wonderful health benifits of honey. I love bees so much tho and am slightly obsessed with the wonders of honey lol
This took me back to my childhood too. My nana lived with us and every night after dinner, honey and buttered bread was our dessert.
This is one of my favorites! Papa's honey toast. I will add this to my breakfast treats.
Sunnybrook Farm said…
I have a toaster similar to that only not as large, totally manual so things can get spectacular!
How wonderful that you can think of your Papa every time you make "his" special toast. Nothing is as evocative of memory as food -- just ask Proust and his madeleine, eh?
luckybunny said…
First of all I love that you called your Grandfather Papa too - it's a Polish thing no? So many people tell me it's strange I called my Grandfather Papa because a lot of people call their dad that. And yes, his special toast does indeed look very special and very delicious :) I also make recipes of my Papa's and sometime just stick a sliced up cucumber right in a bowl of vinegar like he did. He always had one on the counter!
Nellie said…
Quite a treat! Nothing is as good as butter and honey on toast!
Dog Trot Farm said…
Quite a treat indeed...This post reminded me of my great grandmother. Grammy Eva toasted her homemade bread on top of an old oil burning was oh so delicious toast and such a wonderful memory.
I have never, ever seen a toaster like that. Never. It's really nice. I eat toast and honey for breakfast nearly every morning.
(anything with sugar will do though! :)
I checked out this brand of toaster..and THIS will be my next one. They even have it in RED. How's that fir ofr perfect? AND it's a lot less than my kitchen aid mixer was. :) I'm old and I want to watch my toast toast. I've earned it! Right, Joyce?? :)
The reviews were great!
I enjoy eating food that means something to me or others. It looks like a special breakfast treat.
Anonymous said…
Sounds so nice and sweet !!!
The bread looks wonderful too.
Have a great day.
jody said…
oh yum! i love butter and honey toast too! cool toaster!
Joy said…
Yum! I'm having PB and Polish honey on my rye toast this morning. :-)