Planting the Flower Pots

 We got just a touch of rain as I began planting my flowers the other day.

 I looked at these baskets at the garden center and they were charging 63.00 each!  I planted these with spikes, daisies, geraniums, snapdragons and some cascading annuals for about 8.00 for each basket.

 And look at my new favorite plant!  A candy corn vine!!!

 I still can not get over how cool this is.  The blossoms look just like candy corn.  It is an annual and will grow to be over 12 feet in height. 

 Teddy is getting ready to settle in her dry spot.

 This never ceases to crack me up!

 She lays there listening to the rain under her big umbrella.

 The ferns are coming up around the cistern.

 I kept my bay leaf inside over the winter and just recently put it back outside.  It is covered in new growth.

 I planted this planter with yellow snapdragons, geraniums, chartreuse and purple sweet potato vines and black velvet petunias.  This should put on quite a show as it grows.

 I am training the candy corn vine to grow up my outdoor lantern post.  The violets grow wild here. They self sow even in my pots.

 Grow candy corn vine grow!

I planted this pot with some cascading annuals and an asparagus fern.  It has some perennials growing back in it but I am not sure what they are.  Gardens can certainly give you some surprises.


Patty Woodland said…
That is a pretty cool vine. I've never seen anything like it.
Anonymous said…
Everything is looking beautiful! I've never seen one of those candy corn plants before, but it does look fun.
Spring has sprung - such beautiful growth and flowers, enjoy!:)
Nellie said…
That candy corn plant is really pretty! I wonder if they are available around here. Now you have given me a reason to go shop.:-)

Don't our pets give us real amusement? Teddy knows how to stay dry!
Anonymous said…
oh Joyce what could be more perfect for you, Candy corn vine! Knowing your love for all things Halloween!
You saved a bundle by creating your own baskets didn't you,
when I see Teddy I think of royalty, she would would make a perfect princess with a bit ferociousness mixed in, I love how she manages to stay just within th dry spots!She has a very strong personality!
Your gardens are such a joy to see and the unique fixtures and additions make it so interesting!
You got style!
WOW! Candy Corn Vine and Black Velvet Petunias!!! Love the sound/look of both of them!!!

Happy May!!!
My Grama's Soul said…
Oh My.....I have to tell you.....each time I stop by I never cease to be amazed at how BEAUTIFUL your spot in the universe is. You are one lucky lady....


Debby said…
I love you gardens. Candy does look like that. Teddy is a funny dog. She has quite the personality. I donnow how you do everything, but glad that you do.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful pots! They have started to sell sweet potatos here too but they really don't grow well due to our short and cool summers and they never flower unless they grow in a green house.

I was out looking on my ferns just minutes ago but no signs of growth yet.

Have a great day!
Guillaume said…
It looks like May is already settling in your place.
Candy corn vine is awesome.
Alan said…
Stumbled across your blog from a video made of your Practical Magic Spellbook.

I love your garden! It's so charming and inviting. It demands a tea party.

I also saw that you are working on a Practical Magic Dollhouse. Have you seen this one -

It's pretty amazing and has lots of pics and plans that might be helpful.
I am always so awestruck by the beauty in your yard.

We are getting snow here...right now~
luckybunny said…
Alright that candy cane vine is the most awesome thing ever! I LOVE it!
littlemancat said…
I love Teddy and her umbrella! We always called the vine a fire cracker vine - back in the day :).
Barb said…
Your pots look beautiful!!We got a frost last night so I'm not doing annuals yet.
Dee said…
Teddy is a smart dog!
gardens a medicine for my soul, forever enchantment.