The Fountain Is Running

I finally got the fountain working.  I try to get one thing like this done each day.

Yesterday I made this Asian noodle salad for the shelter.  I figured they never get food like this. It is healthy and fresh and full of so many different kinds of vegetables.

I made about 45 quarts of it.  It took forever for me to mix it together.  I smelled like sesame oil and soy sauce all day.  Here is the recipe:

Teddy loves having the cistern and the fountain running.

I think the running water relaxes her.

Yes, I am talking about you again.

I have a dead arborvitae that I need to cut down.

The wisteria is a monster.

The azelias are blooming by the phlox.

My perennial flower beds are filling in nicely.

This is  a nice cool place to sit on a hot summer day.

The puppy finds it very soothing.


edenhills said…
Your gardens and fountain are so beautiful!
Sesame oil and soy sauce perfume -- mmm, sexy! To people who like good food, anyway!
Your garden is beautiful!
That puppy has the life, don't you Teddy? GORGEOUS fountain. I LOVE the smell of sesame oil.
Patty Woodland said…
I so miss my wisteria tree. *sigh*
It was beautiful
Your garden is beautiful--looks like a peaceful sanctuary
Laurie said…
wisteria monster, yikes! Sounds ferocious!!
I agree with Debra, sesame oil and soy sauce, sexy!
Oh so beautiful!

Plus, you still cooked for the shelter.

Mmmmmmmm, where does the cistern water come from? It's probably obvious, but I can't figure it out. :-)
Rhodesia said…
I love the sound of running water, very relaxing. Have a good day. Diane
I always leave your beautiful yard feeling like I've seen a touch of the Garden of Eden~~~
Ellen in Oregon said…
Teddy lives such a stressful life. I am happy that she now has Aqua-therpy to sooth her mind as she guards the gardens. I agree with Teddy that relaxing in a beautiful spot is made better by the sound of water foundtain.
I haven't seen pictures of your yard in a week & I am amazed at how much you have accomplished. The flowers & plants are growing so quickly. Wasn't it just snowing at your place a few weeks ago?
Everything is beautiful.
Nellie said…
More blessings for the shelter!

Your garden appears to be a place of refuge and peace.
I always love seeing your garden - what a paradise; and what a delicious treat you prepared for the shelter, look forward to trying it out : )
Another delicious dish for the guys! :)
I made a pasta salad with left over spaghetti was good..but would have loved to have had yours!

Your yard has been whipped into shape..and is simple gorgeous. That arbor..don't I remember you having a lot of stuff cut back a long time ago..that arbor is spectacular! I thought that abor was one of the things that you had done. If it is...WHAT a comeback!
Barb said…
That puppy is one smart dog!! She knows what is good!
Ok..what I MEANT to say is that I THOUGHT I remembered you having the arbor cut back once!
I came back this morning to take the time to enlarge all of the photo's. If one doesn't do can't even begin to realize how beautiful it all is.
It's like being there. It's going to be a wonderful place to visit on a warm day in summer...I can only imagine! Sometimes I send your link to folks that don't even blog...just so they can see.
jody said…
i love love your garden pictures and of course your food and Teddy too! i am trying to organize my time too but... blew it yesteday. once i get in the garden i cant seem to leave. your garden is so green mine is still brown and covered in leaves.. i did move my potting table and will have my next visitor help me move the bird cage! inspired by you!! enjoy your day and thanx so much for stopping by i love your blog friendship!!
chickpea678 said…
I'm making that salad tomorrow or Monday. Yum! And your gardens look beautiful!
chickpea678 said…
I'm making that salad tomorrow or Monday. Yum! And your gardens look beautiful!