The Garden Bistro Table

 Can you see my bistro table off to the back right corner of the raised bed?  Pretty hard to see, right?  It has been driving me crazy.  I wanted to paint it but I just could not decide what color I wanted to use.  I knew if I did not pick the right color, it would bother me every time I looked at it.  I was tempted to just paint it black again but as you can see, the moment it fades a bit, it disappears into the background.

 So I studied my gardens for inspiration.

 I used a wire brush to take off old flaking paint and dirt.

 I had a can of oregano colored spray paint which I tried out.  Way too bland and it blended in with the surroundings too much.

 I looked again to the garden to see which colors caught my eye. I thought about red for a while but when I pushed myself to picture the bistro set in red, it just seemed far too bold for my taste.

 I considered lavender, but again, it seemed too strong.  I did not want a color that would jump out at me.  I wanted a color that would get my attention but be harmonious with the surrounding plants.

 When you look at your gardens with color in mind, you see what a wide variation you have.

 The gold on the rocks inspired me a bit.

 As did the color of the chow chow way up at the top of the creek. (click for a closer look) But I ruled both of these colors out.

 I ended up choosing this color.  Spring sprout.  It is the color of the new growth on all the green plants.  It is the color that most often drew my eye.  When you think about it, it is the first color we see in the spring.  Fresh green sprouts working their way through the ground, looking for the sun.

 Subtle difference but very different effect.  Brighter VS dull.

The first coat is on and drying.  I'll show the set when it is finished and in place.  I won't know for sure that it will work for me until I see it in place.


Perfect color - very beautiful!
Perfect color...

Oh how I love wandering in your garden, for any purpose. Love it. Love it. Love it.

Love how you have planned all the plantings/bushes/trees, etc., so it really looks like a private garden! -happy sigh-
Anonymous said…
I like it!
Not so dark that it vanish in all the other green shades and not so strong that it screams to You when looking at it.

Your garden is wonderful as always.

Have a great day!
Nellie said…
Wonderful garden, regardless of the color of the bistro set!
Laura said…
I love the color you chose. I've been trying to pick a color choice for my shed for over a year now and still haven't quite decided. But now that I own a ladder, I have to make a choice and paint!
ps...hugs to Teddy. :-)
Candace said…
I love what you decided on! Perfect. If it turns out not to be what you want, how about a deep purple - almost black? I have a planter box in that color that makes my fuschias and potato vines shine!
I like it. I think it will be perfect, no longer getting lost in the background.
Sunnybrook Farm said…
That is a nice place to relax and enjoy the garden, nice!
1st Man said…
Do I really need to tell you how much I'm gonna love seeing this when you're finished? :-)
Barb said…
I think that is a terrific choice! I love that soft green you see in early spring.
luckybunny said…
It looks great, I love that color...a and the creek - love the creek!
Patty Woodland said…
Guess what color I saw and would have gone with? Guess, guess?


The sprout color is lovely and will look great in there with all of the greens.
I think it is perfect!! Made me smile when I saw it. It makes the design in the chairs really stand out. I think many color would have worked..but you were right not to go with red. WAY too bold for your garden. The lavender would have been pretty too. What is so great about it is that you can change it in a twinkling.
Prep? What's that? :):) I love that you do things RIGHT. I forever rush to immediate satisfaction...and am sometimes sorry I don't "prep"...
Hurry and finish!!!
Tender green is a great color!

Lush green plants, bright yellow and purple flowers , definitely inspire me.

Happy Day.

Deb said…
It most definitely works. Brilliant choice.