The Garden Shed

 This morning I cleaned my potting shed. I went down there with Teddy just as the sun was coming up.

 It is always a huge mess after the winter.

 Click on the pic for a closer look.

 These are framed dried pressed flowers.

 And some ceremonial candles.

 A 4 season spigot and a copper sink.  Firefly lights.

 An antique straw witch's gardening hat.

 All the tools of the trade.

 Chinese lantern lights frame the door.

 An old millstone at the entrance.

 Silk grapevines line the ceiling.

 Gardening soaps and an antique twine canister.

Clean and neat for the summer.


I knew it!!! I just knew it!!! Your wonderful little shed spoke to me right from the start and I had never seen the inside of it!!!
I absolutely love everything about it and the lovely little witchy touches everywhere!!!

Thank you for sharing this special little started my day with a touch of magical dreams~
So charming! I could live in it! Of course, you'd probably call the police but still.
Anonymous said…
I was just going to say I could move into that, when i realized Debra said it too, well we both might fit, what an amazing space!
OH WOW!!! With a Potting Shed like this, anyone could be an avid gardener. Oh Joyce, it is wonderful!

Everything. Especially the magical lights. And how all the walls are peg board! Brilliant!

Be-still-my-heart! The black witch's gardening hat!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

This potting shed is for more than gardening! It can be visited, whenever you are feeling a wee-bit-down, like with a cold or something. How could your spirits not be lifted, walking in here?????

Anonymous said…
We do have different point of views when it comes to how a mess looks :-) :-) :-) That's not a mess, it's just a bit untidy :-)
But I love that shed, messy or not and I rarely say I love anything except for my dogs :-)

Have a great day!
Debby said…
You continue to amaze me. This is awesome. Can a person over 60 still say that word.
AutumnRose said…
Hey Debby, I'm way over 60, but "awesome" is a favorite word with me. Especially when it comes to October Farm. How wonderful to live on the farm. I live in a small suburban tract house....need I say more? I adore this blog. Escapism. Fun. I seldom post, but I never miss a day of October Farm....;-)
Patty Woodland said…
Very cute and quite cozy
I LOVE IT. It sings to me. What a cozy place to get down to earthly business.
MandaBurms said…
So thrilled to see your garden shed in photos again - This is sooo on my wish list for my future studio. LOVE it!!!!
I know you sold off a lot of your witch collection - love to see what you kept one post.
Love Leanne
A true Garden Witch shed! The witches touches are wonderful! I love it. I remember it from one of your posts at another time. It's a wonderful garden shed. We have one..but nothing one can go in and do anything in. It's just to store the lawn stuff..bags of plant food, potting soil, tools etc.
Your property is the stuff dreams are made of for women like me.
What is even more wonderful is that I've never met anyone who seems more deserving of such digs...that's what makes it even more wonderful? You have a wonderful life and you share it.
Oh..before I forget. This afternoon, out working in the yard since early morning..walk inside for some coffee and suddenly it begins to pour am sending it off to you. :) The firefighters really need it. I hope it helps them.
You know?
Dog Trot Farm said…
Oh how future potting shed is on Mr. Dog Trot's "to do" have given my some wonderful ideas...I have so enjoyed reading and touring your gardens with Miss Teddy, thank you.
Barb said…
That is one very delightful garden shed!! I love all the with touches and the signs are great!!
Nellie said…
I am in awe of that garden shed! What a great place to work!
luckybunny said…
I love your entire property! So magical. It's gorgeous!
Guillaume said…
It is really gorgeous. As usual.
It's lovely! I especially like the mill stone.
Your place of magic is warm and homey and witchy!!!

Joan Price said…
Very cool! I have been thinking about doing something similar with our garden shed. It is styled after one of those quaker barns so I want to get some vintage farming equipment and tools to decorate it with. What does everyone think?
Anthony Caple said…
Wow. It's the first time I've seen a witch's cabin. XD It's refreshing to see how you made the details sum up into such theme. And if you really think of it, the things you see in a common potting shed are somewhat close to what a witch would use in her lair. Thanks for the peek! Anthony@Classic Buildings