The Potted Garden

 I have been planting my pots.  Here is another glorious Japanese maple.

 I have lots of flower planters just outside of my garden room.

 Teddy loves it when I am working outside.

 Yes, I am talking bout you on my blog again. update on the pocket hose.  I am still loving these things but within minutes, the on/off buttons blew off of both of my hoses and I got soaked!  But, this part screws off so you can just remove it and add your sprayer.  If they hold up, I might never use another hose.  I especially like the fact that they don't break plants when you are moving them around.  They are so lightweight.

 In addition to my vegetable gardens, I always plant containers on my driveway. My tomatoes are growing like crazy.  They get very intense sun in this area.

 I also plant most of my herbs here.  The other garden is too far away from the main house to plant herbs there.

 A new lantern for the potting table.  I bought a really cool battery operated candle to place inside and it works on a timer.  I go to bed before it gets dark so I will wait until Fall to add the candle so I can actually see it lit.

 The Blog Tech's Mexican herb garden is doing nicely.

 Viburnum and azaleas about to bloom.  I see lots of boxwood trimming in my future!  People keep asking me if I have gardeners.  Nope!  I have a couple guys that come in every other week to cut the little bit of grass I have and they blow around debris.  I mostly have them for Fall leaf cleanup. The rest is done by my husband and myself and this year The Blog Tech is helping with some of the gardening. We only have 2 acres but every square inch of it is planted so it is a lot of work.

 Teddy's favorite treat eating spot.

 One of Teddy's favorite cool spots.

 The gigantic Weeping Beech is filling out nicely.

Teddy waiting for mama to return from the lower gardens.


Anonymous said…
I really hope we're past the last of our winter weather so I can start gardening. Everything looks so good at your place.
Robin Larkspur said…
I miss azalea, it doesn't do well here. Your containers will be spectacular!
Dee said…
Good to hear the hose update. LOVE that lantern.
Your garden just keeps getting better and better! Thanks for the info on the pocket hose too!
It is always such a pleasure to visit your beautiful yard and garden, Joyce. I especially love when Teddy is outside to say hello, too :)
Creepy Glowbugg said…
I always read your posts first, and then go back and look at the pictures close up. Such a stunningly beautiful yard and garden you have created for yourselves. I adore your potting shed and potting table decorations. You have inspired me in my garden in so many ways. Thank you.
Patty Woodland said…
I adore Japanese maples.
The greening of your garden is a sight to behold. The willow trees greening is lovely. Willow are my favorite tree.

These photos of Teddy are so good, especially the last one.

Happy Monday, happy week.
Nellie said…
Your hard work gives you beautiful results.
Anonymous said…
the last photo of Teddy waiting, is a heart squeezer,
I was wondering , do you lots of plants indoors as well, house plants I mean, you have such a green thumb,
Anonymous said…
I like potted gardens but I'm useless in remembering to water the pots :-) :-)

That is a great lantern! No risk of a wind blowing it down?

My computer is sooo slow today, I wonder if it is something that I've planned it to do like looking for visruses. But Ity is getting senile so it might just be that :-)

Have a great day!
Battery-operated candles are so great! I've switched over to them almost completely at home. They look and flicker just like real ones and are so much safer. I use a lot of candles for my drumming circle.
Dog Trot Farm said…
Please keep us posted with your feelings on the Pocket Hose, I am interested in buying one, but want to wait and see how it works out for you. Your gardens are simply spectacular, I am curious to know if you have a Weeping Pea Tree and if so, has it remained hardy? Hugs to Teddy, Julie.
Guillaume said…
You make me want to do gardening. Sadly the garden here is overrun by the downstair neighbour, who self-proclaimed gardener and who is behaving like the whole communal area belongs to her.
John Gray said…
I absolutely ADORE those rustic steps

Barb said…
All the gardening looks wonderful!
:) Checked the pocket hose out today and it was nice..but as hard as I tried I could NOT get it in any of my pockets! :)
It sure would take up a lot less room in the yard though. Another thought was that it looked as though it could get dirty looking very quickly. I loved the color green it was!
So...what do you think? Do you think it could get dirty quickly dragging it around the yard etc.?
Oh..and if it were me I think I would open my yard and charge for folks to walk through. NO..on second thought.NO I wouldn't!! :)
HORRIBLE thought!
You have done so much planting. I have been thinking of doing cherry tomatoes in containers this year. I have limited space but would love to be able to go out and pick fresh tomatoes for a salad this summer.
Your summers are certainly full of outside work!

Do potted plants, etc., have to be watered every day? Not if it rained, of course. But.... usually?