The Witch Sisters

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Esmerelda has been very busy working in her garden.

 She put a birdbath out for her birds.  It sits right under their birdhouse.  She also set out her special gold cauldron for a bit of spell work later in the day.

 Her cat, Pyawacket, likes to wander the gardens.  Esmerelda keeps her bike parked by the fence so it is handy for her to run errands.

 Esmerelda likes the occasional swing on her leaf swing. She finds it very relaxing.

 Essy reads lots of natural gardening books.  She studies hard before she chooses something to plant in her yard. She knows to place a banana peel and Epsom salts in the bottom of the hole she dug for her roses.  Then she covers them with 2 inches of soil.  The rose is planted and as the banana peel breaks down, it releases potassium which is very good for the rose.  The Epsom salts release magnesium which is also good for roses.  Her roses covered her trellis overnight.

 Esmerelda likes to keep a tidy cottage.

 Broomhilde doesn't plant much in her garden.  She thinks it is a waste of time.

 The only holes she digs are ones where she buries her money.  She likes to act like she is poor in the hopes that people will feel sorry for her and give her free stuff.  This worked when she was younger, but as she aged, people caught on to her.

 Rats like to chew on the boxes and they have built nests under them.

 Broomhilde places empty pots on top of where the boxes are buried.

 Her cat Jinx tries to keep the rats out of the cottage.

 Her toad, Thomas, does not like the rats. He wishes she would be more honest and just keep her money in the bank like everyone else.

Broomhilde always has her shovel nearby in case she needs to dig her money up in a hurry. She is very paranoid that someone is going to steal it and she spends lots of her day digging up the boxes to make sure they are still there.  It's really quite sad.


Patty Woodland said…
As different as two sisters can be....
Laurie said…
that is sad, to bad she can't be more like her sister, maybe the rats will eat her money!
This is wonderful Joyce, where did you find the tiny objects, its wonderful!
Debby said…
Your witches house looks like .y house in My fairy garden that I just posted. D o know where you got yours. My source has flown the coop.
Vera said…
Love your witches gardens...and your stories...and your recipes and, of course, Teddy.
So she rides a bike like the Wicked Witch of the West :-) I like that :-)

I know way too many that behaves like Bromhilda :-) :-) :-)

I like Your witch homes :-)

Have a great day!
Eilis said…
Wonderful story. I can't wait to read what to get up to next !!
Have a great day.
MandaBurms said…
Pyawacket and Jinx - perfect colour too...Ebony, just perfect!
Nellie said…
Great gardens, and good point taken!
annie said…
turn these into drawings, and you'd have a great children's book. you could use your actual photos for the covers! a great read!
Deb said…

How MAGICAL. I love it! I hope the neighboring children can visit these little witch abodes. They would never forget it.
Your fairy garden is entertaining. Not sure I have enough imagination or patience for one.
Love the two witch sisters! Although their cats look very similar -- are they from the same litter?
the witch sister's story is fun! the details and items you have selected make them come to life!

very good.
Guillaume said…
Wow! It really comes to life! Love this. And there is a black cat around here, I wonder if he's not a familiar spirit.
I LOVE it. Both ladies have interesting stories, indeed.
Willow said…
Speaking of fun witch stories. My sister just gave me a sign for my birthday that says " I have flying monkeys and I am not afraid to use use them ! " hee hee YES she gave me that for my birthday . I know she liked it really. If I need help I call on her she KNOWS how to use flying monkeys lol We are a bit opposite in a fun way and we love the wizard of OZ witches She loves Wicked of the West... I love Gelnda the good, I am the sister that has a sign on my garden gate that says "peace to all who enter here" Hmm Loves me sis ... now I have to learn to handle flying monkeys ;)
Barb said…
This is so cool! Let's keep it going! I Love it!
jody said…
fun to get caught up in a miniture witch life! so cute..enjoy! I have to have some tiny pumpkins for Fall. Already thinking how I can turn my Summer Place into a Fall garden. All of my moss died.. :( LOVED the little black cat!
My inhabitants are Fairies...when I can find them! Getting all caught up in the story of the two sisters. I wanted to see WICKED so bad when it played here but I'm sure it will return. Did you get a chance to see it?
luckybunny said…
I read this last night, and I was having a rough night. It put the biggest smile on my face! I just loved seeing the ladies houses and hearing about them.
Amanda said…
i love fairy gardens, yours are awesome! cheers :)
chickpea678 said…
I agree. Magical little houses. Where in the world do you find those miniature things? You have quite an imagination! Your children must have heard amazing stories growing up.
Avalonschild said…
I came across this and thought of your little witches right away :)