A New Addition

 Can you see what is sitting on the garden shed door?

 I ordered these terrific signs from:  http://www.etsy.com/shop/harveymrh    Neither of these are going where you see them. I am trying to decide where to put them.

 These signs are fantastic. I am very impressed with the quality.  They are very heavy too.  This company will make almost any design you want.

 I've had these iron bats since I finished my garden project.

 I can't pick my asparagus this year but it is producing like gangbusters!

 I cooked very early this morning for the shelter.

 Now I am sitting here impatiently waiting for my roofers to arrive. 

 They were supposed to be here at 7:00 am.  It is now 10:00.

 This is not going to be a fun project.

 I have a mansard roof and need to replace the flat top part of it.

 This consists basically of a huge sheet of rubber being molded to the top of the house.

 I am betting when they take the old roof off that they find rotted wood.

 When you live in a 140 year old frame house, rotten would is your worst nightmare.

 They are guessing the project to take possibly 2 weeks.  Did I mention how much I am dreading this?

 So is Teddy.

 She doesn't like strange men crawling all over her house.  This could be very interesting!


Patty Woodland said…
I am sorry - I remember when we did the roof on the Victorian. OMG what a nightmare. Mostly because it wasn't flat but still. Old houses have their charms but their repairs aren't them.

I hope it's not as bad as you think....

That shop is great. Thanks for introducing it
The signs are gorgeous and I love your hanging bats!!!

I hate waiting for people to come when they are late! But in your gorgeous backyard, you must find peaceful thoughts that enter your mind.

I have glimpsed your home from the wonderful photos that you have posted here on your blog and you are very lucky to own such a lovely piece of history.

MandaBurms said…
Lovely new sign! Just perfect.
Hope those work men hurry up, rather tardy.... Fingers crossed for a smooth repair job.
Love Leanne
Anonymous said…
I too hope it isn't as bad as You fear! It might be really good too if You're lucky. But I'm pretty sure that if You'll get any rain soon it will come when they are reparing the roof.
So Your house is almost 40 years older than my cottage, Old houses are much more beautiful and charming than new ones but it's always a problem somewhere in them :-)

I like those signs! I would like a sign that I saw by a grave yard in Gothenburg, You who here enters leave all hope behind. It's in old Swedish so google couldn't translate it in the right way :-)

Have a great day!
Robin Larkspur said…
You find the greatest things, I love your Octoberfarm signs, beautiful work.
Ugh, waiting for the repair people, such a pain. Wow, two weeks! I am hoping all will go well for you, the roof and dear Teddy! Those roofers better watch out for Teddy!
Nellie said…
Wonderful, wonderful signs! I wouldn't be too excited about that roofing project either.:-( Perhaps there will be no rotted wood! One can always hope!
Those signs are lovely - good luck with the roofing!
What is so great, Joyce, is that you have so much room to plant so many different things. I am still looking for a place to plant my pretty Japanese Maple that Erin gave me for Mother's Day. Running out of space..but.. :) I have a plan!!
I have missed a post or something because I see the little green Bistro set ..gotta go back and find what I missed! :)
The Fortune Teller? She was spot on!
Doesn't matter if you planted them or not...she was right. Gotta story about Fortune Tellers I will share with you later... :)
Guillaume said…
Oh I love the bats!
John Gray said…
More greenery than you could shake as stick off x
I hate having workmen around. Always makes me feel uncomfortable too Teddy. Hope the job goes faster than expected.
Barb said…
The signs are wonderful!! Sorry to hear about the roof project! We had to have one completely done in our last house-What a mess and a pain!
luckybunny said…
Oh how exciting! Love the signs :)