A Typical Day

 On Sunday morning I made Texas Hot Sauce for the guys at the shelter.  Apparently the last time I made this they really liked it and word got back to me that they were wishing for more.

 Twelve pounds of ground beef, 6 hours of cooking and 150 hotdogs later, they were ready to be served.

 It is scape time and I cut my garlic scapes early the same morning.

 I had a bunch of blueberries that needed to be made into jam so I put them to cook on a back burner.

 I made lots of coffee....this is my preferred brand.

 If we were about to have jam, we needed biscuits, so I whipped up some biscuit dough.

 I sauteed the scapes.

 And made everyone scape omelets with bacon.

 The jam cooling.

 Freshly baked biscuits with butter.

 Blueberry jam and rhubarb jam.

 I made pizza dough for later in the day.

 And I made a chocolate and vanilla oreo cake for the shelter.

 It was a poke cake and topped with chocolate pudding and then whipped cream.

 The Sicilian pizza we had for lunch.

 I made Scotch eggs and blueberry pancakes for breakfast for those who did not want scape omelets.

 Then I prepared some Indian food fordinner.  This is dal made from lentils.

 I harvested lots of fresh herbs to use in everything.

 I made dough for naan.

 And potato and hard boiled egg curry.


 I cooked the naan on the griddle pan.

 Then brushed them with garlic butter.

 I also made lamb koftas.

 The finished idlis.  These are served covered in dal.

The finished lamb koftas.


Jan said…
Jaz...write a cookbook!!! I'll bet it would be a best seller!!!

You are fantastic with all that you do;

yard work
taking care of family
taking homemade food to the shelter

You are one of the best...

Mary said…
Come on now...you must have cloned yourself.. I grumble about making dinner for two...you are super amazing...
Rebecca Pilon said…
Wow! I would love to have your recipes. And your talent. But I think I could get by with the recipes.
You are an amazing woman!
What is going on with your roof? I do hope that things are going well with all of that.
Anonymous said…
So much delicious food! I was already hungry when I started reading this and now it's even worse :-)

Have a great day!
Me thinks thou wert in the kitchen allllllllllll day. All the food looks good Jaz.

Happy Monday.
Anonymous said…
I'm tuckered out, excuse me while I go lay down, ha ha, you are a mighty woman!!!!
dindin said…
i'll bite. what's idlis?
Holy moly, you're a busy gal! We're cheering for Boston too, BTW.
Guillaume said…
Everything looks so delicious. This reminds me that I did not have real bacon or scotch eggs in ages. Oh and blueberry jam!
Claudia Turgut said…
my oh my there was even a choice! Phew, that was a mammoth cooking session and it all looks amazing!! Super, Joyce!
Nellie said…
You are a "cooking machine!" How did your feet feel after all of that?
I want to know what brand of vitamins you are taking.
Do you have pads for your legs in the kitchen? I'm on my feet a lot with painting and clay, and I have these great cooking pads, like they have in restaurants and it really helps. Boy those omelets look good. I used to have a hard time with omelets, til I fessed up to Kary I made a big giant one. She said the only way is one at a time..Now mine are better, but not as good as you guys!
FN said…
WOW! THAT is a lot of cooking! I'm sure it was all great and the shelter is really lucky to have you!
MandaBurms said…
I bet the shelter guys just adore you!

We call your biscuits in NZ scones. And biscuits are what I think you guys call cookies.

Love Leanne
littlemancat said…
I am in awe. Is it that coffee that gives you such energy? :}
Wonderful food, you are amazing!
John Gray said…
My hero xxxx
WOW! Only for you, would this be a typical day!!!!!!!!!!
You make cooking an art form instead of a chore. I LOVE lamb. Those koftas sound good.
luckybunny said…
Ya well now I'm starving. I cannot read your blog before bed ever again. Everything looks mouthwateringly good. I had other things to say but can't even remember what they were now LOL Oh, I know one, I love that coffee too!
I had to laugh, because when I got to the bottom of the comments, I quickly read the one above which caught my attention...and she said the exact same thing that was going through my head! I swear that's the truth! LOL Too darned funny. That coffee is a new brand to me...is it an east coast thing?
Jeri Landers said…
jody said…
ok so its 8am and im now tired and hungry! yum!! boy a busy day in the kitchen and im sure you enjoyed it! sunny here today so im hoping to get in the garden a bit. i slept in today a bit to late, just having my first cup of coffee... enjoy your day!
They all look amazing Jaz, I greatly admire all your work and support for the shelter, be proud :) what a spread!
Sunnybrook Farm said…
Wow, you make my mouth water just reading all of that. I need to cook something for supper when I get home.
Melissa said…
WOW! All that you do for the shelter is really wonderful! You give and do so much, it truly is inspiring.. Whenever my spirits need lifted, when I feel like there is no good left in the world, I come to your blog and leave feeling inspired and assured that good is still out there! Thank you so much for all that you do, for everyone! :-)
chickpea678 said…
Wow, I can't believe all you cooked in a day! We get scapes from our farmshare and I just made a nice pesto out of it.