A Witch Head and Planters

My planters are starting to fill out.
 My driveway in bloom.

 I guess I am still collecting witch items.  I found this old chalkware matchstick holder on ebay.

 She has the best witch face.  It is going in the guest house.

 She will hang right next to the fireplace and hold matches like she was meant to do.

 I plant herbs in with my flowers.  This planter holds rosemary and sage.

 My bay tree is growing like crazy.  I love having my own bay leaves.  I do not like houseplants but this comes inside to winter over each year.

 This sits between my garage doors.  Have you ever seen those commercials about broken springs on garage doors?  The other day I opened one of my garage doors and a bolt fell on my head.  I inspected the door and found that the main mechanism was pulling out of the wall and actually had cracked a board in half. I immediately called a garage door company and had them come out to fix it.  The workman told me these need to be inspected and lubed each year.  Plus, now the doors open and close like they are brand new.  Live and learn. I hadn't even thought about them in the 15 years since they were installed.


 The candy corn vine has reached the top of the pole.  I can't wait for this to fill out for Fall.

 This planter is in partial shade and is growing very well.

 Honeysuckle growing up my downspout.


Anonymous said…
That first pot is so cool!

I've read that about garage doors, they can be deadly dangerous if not checked every year. I would have done like You though, once installed and I would never think of them again :-)

I actually have a few tomatoes now but they are still small as a finger nail :-) :-) :-)

Thunder here today and now the air is fresh and cool again :-)

wonderful matchstick holder!

Have a great day!
Patty Woodland said…
Oh my! I'm glad it wasn't more than a bolt that hit you!

I like how the witch's face has a different expression from the different camera angles. She's very cool....
Your gardens are beautiful. Is the honeysuckle vine invasive?
AutumnDreams said…
Loving that gorgeous witch's face!!!

A visit to your beautiful backyard always cheers me up, Jaz :}

Someone was watching over you...
AutumnDreams said…
I forgot to say how GORGEOUS your planters are!!! Love the witch's head planter!

Loving your windchimes near the honeysuckle. GREAT witches head.
Robin Larkspur said…
Your planters are doing fabulous!! Ouch, about your head, and good safety tip for the rest of us!!
I can't wait to see your candy corn vine in the fall.
Velva said…
It looks like everything is rocking at your house. Beautiful.

MandaBurms said…
That witch face is creepy, reakon she will watch you from any angle of the room.
Seems so weird seeing your garden blooming where ours is going to sleep.
Guillaume said…
Oh that looks like a nasty, evil witch!
Barb said…
Love your new little witch head. She does have the perfect look. Your garden just keeps getting better all the time.
luckybunny said…
Really neat! I love it. Everything is really coming to life. Love that honeysuckle! :)
I love the witch match holder! She is wonderful, Joyce! What a find!
Your garden...when I remember all the snow not so long ago and how every year it becomes so beautiful once again. Gardening is so very good for the soul!
p.s. I have honeysuckle growing up my patio too...it smells so wonderful!
c. Joy said…
I love your garden. The planters are beautiful and (as someone who's killed her fair share of bay plants)I'm having a bit of plant envy because you can grow a bay plant. What's your secret - besides bringing in the house in the winter?
What a joy, to wander around your beautiful plot of earth.

Oh that witches face is lovely isn't it? I usually don't care for the old, ugly, witch stuff. But she is old but NOT ugly. !!!!!!!

Tomatoes! My poor hubby is just planting his! -grin- Well, he likes to grow them from seed and so that's why he's late. Whatever is fun for him. :-)