Baked Boston Scrod & Thrift Shopping

Did you hear about the two women sitting next to each other on the train leaving downtown Boston?  One woman asked the other....what were you doing in Boston today.  The woman answered....I got scrod.  The other woman said...I didn't know there was a past tense.  Groan...I know, an old one!
 Boston Scrod has always been a favorite of ours and it is so simple to make.  Place pieces of scrod on oven proof dishes. Brush them with melted butter and sprinkle them with salt and pepper.  Mix panko bread crumbs with butter, S&P, and some chopped parsley.  I used breadcrumbs I made with my rosemary bread which added lots of flavor.

 Bake at 400 degrees for about 25 minutes until the fish flakes when you cut into it with a fork.  Served with a salad, it makes a very nice dinner.

 I went to a thrift store which I rarely do anymore these days.  It was half off day and I picked up this nice, very sturdy step stool for $3.00. I use these in the garden a lot and for this price, I can leave it out all summer and not have to worry about it.

 I was thrilled to find this.

 A vintage find which has never been used.  $1.50.

 A nice pouring ladle for 29 cents.

 A cute ceramic basket for berry picking.

 Now if I can just get to the berries before the birds.

 Think of the pies I could bake if I can fill this up.

This basket cost $1.50.  I scatter these around the garden to use for carrying plants or bringing home my harvest.


Anonymous said…
that ceramic berry basket looks old, some great finds and a great fish dish, I don't think we have ever had this fish before, I was wondering if you got the storms, crazy weather up here today,
Patty Woodland said…
I hope you do get lots of berries!
It may be old, but I never heard it before! lol...

Great finds!

Oh that silly person who let that unused cook thing go to sale... Could have gotten more, on Ebay, betcha'. From people who collect such.


Who is building the Ark??????
Guillaume said…
Ooooh! Basket! Classy.
Robin Larkspur said…
Yikes and groan at that old joke!!
I like oven baked fish, would also be good with your macaroni and cheese.
It has been a long while since you posted thrift shop finds. These are all good-looking stuff.
Your dinner looks delicious! Love your thrift store finds too!
GREAT finds. Looks like the thrifting paid off.
Nellie said…
Great finds - and I LOVE scrod! Yours looks delicious!
jody said…
hi Joyce, im trying to catch up a bit.. your gardens are just beautiful! i so love green!! i too try get outside early as i dont like working when its so hot. oh i bought one of those gardening towels for myself and dad, love them! nothing like the freshness of a early morning garden! love all your good thrift shop finds! also all your yummy recipes! i cant wait to try the corn on the cob! i love love blue chz on burgers so thats on my to make list too!
enjoy your evening!! ill be back soon!
Barb said…
Great thrift shopping. I especially like the berry basket.
I love thrifting, but always have a hard time finding good deals. The shop up the street gouges you. A cast iron pan is just about the same there as it is in a retail store. The Boston scrod looks delicious.
greekwitch said…
I buy baskets wherever i find them too. I use them as hanging pots for plants that can really take in all the wind and sun!
luckybunny said…
Great finds and I LOVE the cookie gun! Awesome!
I had one of those cookie ..whatsies..and I could never get the thing to work right. Putting the dough in the barrel of that thing drove me nuts. So..I began buying tiny cookie cutters..which I had a great collection of until MASTER baker daughter, Maryalice, scarfed them up one day when she was here..saying..not to worry Mom, I do all the baking now anyway..I'll keep you in cookies.. Yeah...well...

I LOVE the little bucket..cute as heck! You picked up some neat things. Sort of on the high priced end..but..LOL I'm kidding, I'm kidding!! HUGS!